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Annoying Blank Yellow Help Box Covering QuickBooks Point of Sale Screen

The Issue An issue we have been seeing with many of our customers lately: Yellow Help Sidebar covers the right side of many screens in QuickBooks Point of Sale and blocks users from seeing the buttons in the bottom right of said window. In the example below you can see how on the Purchase Order Screen, the […]

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inventory on order

QuickBooks Point of Sale: View Quantities on Order

You can view item quantities currently on order for an item in the On Order column of your item list . You may have to add this column to the list. You can also initiate the creation of a new purchase order from inventory. To view on-order quantities: Display your item list and sort, search […]

How to Repair a QuickBooks Installation

Repairing an existing QuickBooks installation helps resolve errors you encounter while installing or using QuickBooks. Detailed instructions To repair an existing QuickBooks installation, make sure QuickBooks is not running and then follow the steps for your operating system: Windows 8, 7 or Vista On your keyboard, press [Windows Key] + [E] to open the Computer […]

Repair Your QuickBooks Installation

QuickBooks Point of Sale Update

New QuickBooks Point of Sale Update (R12)

Good News! I think… QuickBooks Point of Sale Update Release 12 fixes many bugs and glitches that have been bothering POS users for quite some time. The following changes and improvements were made to QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013 in release R12. Later releases (ones with higher numbers) include all changes in earlier releases. Unless […]

QuickBooks Point of Sale: Tracking Item Quantities with Decimals

Sometimes it is beneficial to track items in decimal quantities. For example, you might sell an item by the yard (e.g., fabric), by weight (e.g., bulk candy), or by the hour (labor). Point of Sale allows you to order, inventory, and sell items by decimal units. For example, if you order and price fabric by […]

QuickBooks Point of Sale Decimal Quantity


Quickbooks Point of Sale: Import or Export Item Pictures

Importing Pictures for Items In Quickbooks Point of Sale   If you are using item pictures, you can import and associate pictures for multiple items at once instead of assigning them one-by-one on item records. Likewise, you may have the need to export the item pictures you have in Point of Sale for some other […]

QuickBooks Point of Sale: Reorder Points

You can define a reorder quantity (Reorder Point field) for your inventory items, allowing you to quickly see which items need to be purchased. You can prevent an item from being added to the Reorder Reminders by flagging it as unorderable on the item record. This is handy for removing seasonal merchandise from the reminders […]

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QuickBooks Point of Sale: Item Fields

When using QuickBooks Point of Sale, refer to the tables below for descriptions of available item fields. Fields shown in brackets, e.g. [field name], are suggested or read-only fields auto-filled by Point of Sale. * indicates a required field. Item Description/Lookup Information Field Usage Type* Used to designate the type of item: Default isInventory. Select a different […]

QuickBooks Point of Sale: Track Items From Multiple Vendors

The multi-vendor feature allows you to track and purchase an item from one primary vendor and up to four alternate vendors. Unique UPCs, Alternate Lookups, and order costs can be defined for each vendor from whom you purchase the item. This allows you to purchase the same item from any of several vendors as availability […]

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QuickBooks Point of Sale Item Ratings Example

QuickBooks Point of Sale: Item Ratings and Trends

Item ratings and trends provide graphical rankings of sales performance based on profit, net sales quantity, or net sales dollars, over a specified time period. This feature helps you quickly identify hot-selling items that you might want to feature and slow-movers that require corrective action. Shown below is the Statistics section of an item record, […]