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50% Off Point of Sale Upgrade to POS 2013! (08/01/14 – 08/29/14)

QuickBooks POS 2013 Upgrade is 50% off for a limited time Act now and get your QuickBooks Point of Sale upgraded to the most current version, 2013, at half the normal price! This offer is for a short period, so we are not listing it in our webstore. Call now (952-232-6388) with your license number and […]


Cheap Credit Card Processing in Point of Sale

QuickBooks Point of Sale Credit Card Processing

“Announcing IntuitivePay, a fully integrated credit card interface to the QuickBooks Point of Sale market.” LEARN MORE HERE The twin hassles of payment processing and accounting reconciliation represent the biggest sore spots for small to medium sized businesses (SMBs). Both have just become much easier with the release of the new IntuitivePay™ for QuickBooks and […]

QuickBooks Inventory Counting | Improve Operations

QuickBooks Inventory Counting Does your business manage an inventory? In this article, we will explain how you can improve operations, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce theft with one simple action: counting. How often do you count the money in your wallet or purse? How often do you go through your refrigerator and pantry before you […]


A blank customer form is displayed

QuickBooks Point of Sale Help: Add a Customer

Note: If you have accessed this topic after copying a customer record, start with Step 2. Edit the information brought from the copied record as needed. It is helpful to be consistent when entering customer information. Consistently using the same data format makes it easier to sort, search, and look up customer records. To add […]

QuickBooks Point of Sale Help: Item History and Statistics

Item history provides a listing of every transactional document that has affected an item and a running tally of changes in on-hand quantity. You can click any listed document to view it. Item Statistics include an item summary, including cost and profit information and total quantities in/out. Item History (Multi-Store) Item history can be viewed […]

QuickBooks POS Item History

Average cost

Quickbooks POS Help – How Average Cost is Calculated.

  Average cost For an inventory item, average cost is the total cost of the items currently in stock divided by the number of items in stock. You can set up QuickBooks to use average cost or FIFO to determine the value of your inventory. Note: FIFO is only available with QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Advanced […]

QuickBooks Point of Sale Update: R11 (Release 11)

Intuit pushed out a new QuickBooks Point of Sale update today! This release is mainly focused on customer improvements and requested user upgrades. The following changes and improvements were made to QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013 in release R11. Later releases (ones with higher numbers) include all changes in earlier releases. Unless otherwise noted, these […]

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QuickBooks Point of Sale Support: Understanding POS Documents

Note: References to tracking item quantities or costs in this topic do not apply to Point of Sale Free. There are two general document types used in Point of Sale: Transactional Documents and Order Documents. Transactional documents record changes to inventory and provide a permanent history of those changes. Transactional documents can never be deleted, […]

QuickBooks Point of Sale Help: Using Quick Find on the Home Page

The Home Page offers a Quick Find field to locate customers, inventory items, receipts, help, and more. You can scan an item or receipt bar codes into this field, or manually type customer names, document numbers, or any search keywords. As you type, the results are instantly displayed, broken down by record types. In the […]

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