Intuit GoPayment Mobile Credit Card Processing

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Never Miss a Sale with Mobile Payments

Get paid anywhere, anytime, from anyone

Getting paid for goods and services on the go for goods and services has never been easier.
Now with intuit GoPayment Apps, you can receive payments wherever you are with no hassle.

Works on your Phone or Tablet!

The Intuit GoPayment App works with all of the current Apple and Android mobile devices.
If you currently own an iPad, Apple iOS Phone, or Android phone, you are ready to go!

Uses your Intuit Merchant Account

Intuit GoPayment uses the same account as your QuickBooks or Point of Sale.

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Accept credit card payments anywhere.

Intuit GoPayment Takes All Payment Types

Takes all payment types

Accept and record all credit card
transactions. Plus, record any cash
or check payments.

Intuit GoPayment Works with QuickBooks

Works with QuickBooks and POS

All transactions sync up with QuickBooks
and Intuit Point of Sale products to help
you fully manage your business.

Intuit GoPayment Lets You Customize

Lets you customize

Personalize receipts and add your
business logo to fit your business needs.

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How It Works

Intuit GoPayment Request Payment

Request payment

Swipe, key, or take a photo of your
customer’s credit card information.
Or process the transaction online.

Intuit GoPayment Sign


Customer signs for the charge using
the Intuit GoPayment app.

Intuit GoPayment Get paid instantly

Get paid instantly

Credit card charges are processed instantly.
Email or text a receipt to your customer.

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System Requirements

  • The mobile app works with iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Not compatible with Windows or Blackberry devices. Although we do not officially support devices from other providers (such as TracFone and Cricket), they will often work with GoPayment.


Get GoPayment Mobile Processing:

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Intuit GoPayment 60 Day Money Back

Money back guarantee

Intuit GoPayment All credit and debit cards accepted

All credit and debit cards accepted

Intuit GoPayment Safe encrypted mobile credit card processing

Safe, encrypted mobile credit card processing

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