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QuickBooks Point of Sale powered by Revel

Making it easier for retailers to manage their operations:

quickbooks-loyalty-iconIntuitive iPad Interface

Lets users focus on what matters most – the customer. Gone are the days of spending hours training new employees and hidden customer management tools.

quickbooks-iconSeamless Integration with QuickBooks Online and Desktop!

Sales and payments data will automatically be entered and categorized in QBO or QuickBooks Desktop, eliminating the time-intensive work of manually reconciling the books after hours. The integration will be available for new and existing QuickBooks customers alike.

employee-scheduling-iconAnytime, Anywhere Access

QuickBooks’ industry-leading point of sale solution allows retailers maximum flexibility to track sales, inventory, staffing and payroll remotely.

always-on-mode-iconAlways On Mode

Retailers can be confident they will never miss a sale thanks to the “Always On Mode,” which leverages Revel’s industry-leading technology so that they can continue to accept and sync payments to sales and inventory reports even if their internet connection is slow or completely down.

Advanced Inventory and Reportinginventory-management-icon

Provides retailers with real insights into their inventory and payments data, including detailed sales numbers, product sales reporting, item discount tracking and comprehensive history of all orders.

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What are others saying?


I needed a full service system that was beautiful and sophisticated. That means not only my inventory, not only my fast track of customers and database, but also great reports and consistency. Everything about Revel made sense for me!

~ Boriana DiMonte  –  Caffé Cova


As a wine bar we change wines on a weekly basis, so I have to keep adding new products all the time and that’s so simple. That’s what I love about Revel, the ease of adding products. I do it all the time, all I have to do is add the product, refresh the system, and it’s done. It takes me a minute.

~ Brian Cassanego  –  Noir Lounge



One of the reasons we decided to move to a POS system was because we realized all the analytical data that we weren’t getting to, which was one of the exciting things about Revel. Having the backend, real-time analysis, was just something that had us guess working before. I use Revel’s backend on a daily basis, not only checking sales, but to check my inventory and see what’s been selling the best.

~ Craig Wathen  –  City Beer Store


Frequently Asked Questions

I’m ready to get going, where can I start?

Easy: Just give us a call at 888-255-9878 or fill out the form on the previous page. We look forwarding to hearing from you.

How long does it take once I place my order?

You can usually expect your system to be set up and ready to go in about 7-12 business days after date of purchase. Once you have placed your order and we have processed payment, our fulfillment center will begin building your Backend Management Console and configuring your system, both of which usually happen simultaneously and within 24-48 hours. Once your Management Console is built, you will receive an email with login credentials to allow you to begin setting up your menu or item list immediately. Around this time, your hardware will be shipped, which can take anywhere between 5 and 10 business days. We also recommend setting your system up at least a week before going live to ensure the smoothest launch possible.

How do I build my Menu or Product List?

Building your Menu or Product List is fairly straight forward, and most customers handle it themselves. We can also assist you for a slight fee.

How do I go about getting my system set up?

Just call us! Already purchased a system? Contact us or your Customer Advocate for next steps.

Can I source my own hardware?

Maybe, though we always recommend sourcing directly from Revel. Much of our hardware, such as card swipes and certain peripherals must be sourced from Revel because we need to configure them with special encryption and configurations in order for the system to work seamlessly. Other types of hardware, such as cash drawers and printers, may work, though you must confirm that they are the right make and model. Even then there may be issues or fees applicable, so we do highly recommend sourcing our authorized hardware.

Do I need a data plan?

You will only need a data plan if you are using a mobile solution without WiFi, such as for events or food trucks. In that case, a 2 GB plan per location is sufficient.

What size iPad do I need?

We recommend 16GB iPads for all systems, as they offer more than enough storage space. Our system operates on Generation 2 iPads and above.

How do I know exactly what I need?

At Revel Systems, we like to take the consultative approach to POS, meaning we’d be happy to help you find the best system for your business, even if you’re not sure exactly what you want yet. Just give us a call!

I’m used to setting up support visits from technicians, what if Revel doesn’t have a presence near me?

Many legacy systems were developed around old, clunky hardware and software solutions, and were completely based locally, meaning it was impossible to do maintenance without a technician’s visit. That means setting up an appointment, waiting for availability, and, most importantly, LABOR COSTS! Because Revel is a cloud-based system, you don’t need any of those unnecessary hangups that plagued legacy system support. The vast majority of support issues can be handled instantly and remotely, meaning all you need to do is shoot us an email or pick up the phone and we can have your system up and running the way you want in no time. No appointments necessary.

What kind of support does Revel Systems offer?

All Revel iPad POS software packages include unlimited web ticket support standard. Premium phone packages are also available for that extra peace of mind.

Is Revel PCI Compliant?

PCI Compliance has been a cornerstone of our system since day one, and we wouldn’t dream of having a system any other way. And you shouldn’t either, because if a merchant is found to not be in compliance with PCI standards, he or she could be susceptible to thousands of dollars in fines for every transaction processed outside of compliance. Revel Systems was not only founded by a PCI Compliance expert that has consulted for large brands like Restoration Hardware, but we are also at the forefront of PCI Compliance as the first iPad POS to integrate Mobile Device Management and EMV compatibility directly into our system!

What if I want to use my current processor? Who do you work with?

We realize that some people already have strong relationships with their existing merchant service providers (MSPs), or simply like to shop around. That’s not a problem! Revel Systems integrates with over 95% of processors through the gateway USAePay, and your processor is most likely one of them. The good news is that we can help set up your USAePay account, even if your current processor can’t. You can find more information on the MSP setup process with this simple infographic here.

Does You have any partner processors?

Yes we have partnered with a number of payment processors. Whenever we find a company that we feel matches Revel’s commitment to top quality products and service, we want to partner with them! QuickBooks Payments and Mercury Payments are two of the fastest growing and most competitive payment processors on the market, and we’d be more than happy to help set up your merchant services, often with discounted rates. Just ask us how!

I’m worried about losing data when the server goes down.

All new data will be stored locally until your iPad POS is reconnected to the server. The likelihood of this backup feature being necessary is very rare, since all data is stored at multiple redundancies—meaning if one server fails, the next server will kick in to seamlessly pick up where the others left off.

Who has access to my business’s data?

All data coming from your Revel iPad POS is encrypted, and anonymous, so it will never be linked to your business. You control who has access by granting security access to your backend management console. Want your GM to be able to set up your products and add employees, but not see your detailed reporting? No problem! Want your accountant to see your payroll, but not be able to change your system settings? Done, and done. With your Revel iPad POS, you have ultimate control.

As a business owner, I want to be sure I can see what my employees are doing.

Security is and always has been the cornerstone of our Revel iPad POS system. Revel has the most robust security and employee oversight features of any iPad POS, from photo clock-in to prevent “buddy clock-ins,” to customizable password protection and Admin swipe cards, and even detailed void, discount, exchange and return tracking. We’ve also developed our Revel Intelligent Reporting to automatically flags incorrect or suspicious orders, so you can rest assured that your business is in good hands.

Pre-configured and Tailored Solution

No software installation required. We ship you the entire POS system already preconfigured with software installed, ready for you to use. The product is tailored towards your business needs as a small shop, retailer, or quick serve restaurant.

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Robust Reporting

Detailed Sales Reports, Inventory Levels, and Employee Scheduling. Our easy-to-read analytics break down everything from hourly sales to comprehensive order histories

No Back Office Server

Cloud-based and secure, Revel POS provides you freedom from the back office server. Manage your business on vacation, from home, or anywhere you choose.

Always On

The speed of a local connection paired with the power of the cloud. Revel POS switches seamlessly from the cloud to offline functionality like no other system can.