QuickBooks iPad POS Features

QuickBooks iPad Point of Sale Features

QuickBooks POS Revel no cables

QuickBooks Point of Sale powered by Revel Systems has the iPad POS Features you need to run your business with the utmost ease and efficiency. Our iPad point of sale is highly customizable to your individual business needs, and that includes the POS features you need to maximize your business’s earning potential.


Industry Leading Features


Cloud-based and secure, QuickBooks iPad POS is also feature-rich, allowing you to tailor our point of sale solution to your particular business. QuickBooks iPad Point of Sale powered by Revel offers its own, in-house features, providing an even more seamless point of sale solution. Below are just some of the many features we offer–feel free to click the links below to learn more.


Build Customer Relationships

Gift Cards

QuickBooks directly-integrated gift cards are a convenient way to create and manage gift cards directly from the POS with zero transaction or swipe fees.

Loyalty Program

QuickBooks POS on iPad offers a loyalty program directly integrated into your iPad POS, making it easy to track, build, and manage your customer loyalty base.

Social Media

The Social Media Integration feature helps businesses create awareness. Attract customers with social media directly from the QuickBooks iPad POS.


Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, enables businesses to keep track of their customers and their preferences.

Digital Signage Software

Digital signage software, when paired with the QuickBooks POS, is the ideal tool for interacting with customers and boosting your business’s productivity.


Tools to Optimize

Always On Mode

Always On Mode enables a business to continue processing payments in the event of an Internet outage without losing data.

Delivery Management

The Delivery Management Console allows business owners to track orders and drivers effectively while keeping detailed order histories of all customers.

Catering Management

The Catering Management Console helps catering-based businesses stay organized, ensuring food is prepared on time and correctly.

Table Layout

With the QuickBooks iPad Table Service software, you can have a table layout and different sections for each server all from one screen.

Purchase Order

Generate and manage purchase orders directly from the point of sale. Create and attach vendor cards to POs for ultimate efficiency.

QuickBooks Online Integration

QuickBooks integration enables QuickBooks Online users to seamlessly export their data to the QuickBooks platform.

Bar Tabs

QuickBooks POS on iPad gives you the ability to create, manage and locate bar tabs. This will streamline operations at your bar and keep your customers happy.

Online Ordering

Give your customers even more ways to enjoy your offerings by implementing online ordering, allowing them to place orders ahead of time.



Payment Encryption

Secure and PCI compliant, QuickBooks POS powered by Revel ensures all card readers come fully encrypted with AES 256 payment encryption key.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management allows you to access your iPad POS from anywhere to protect your data in the unfortunate event that an iPad is stolen.

PCI Compliance

QuickBooks POS on iPad meets and exceeds the latest standards for PCI compliance, and ensures both your data and that of your customers is safe.

Secure Servers

Secure servers and technology help maintain the highest levels of customer privacy and PCI compliance. We worry about it so you don’t have to!


Management Made Simple

Inventory Management

Inventory Management allows business owners to keep track of and manage their inventory, directly from within the backend management console.

Intelligent Reporting

QuickBooks iPad POS offers a suite of intelligent reporting to help you manage your business with the ability to access reports anytime, anywhere.

Payroll Management

Payroll Managements give you detailed payroll information so you can keep track of employees’ time worked, and auto calculate overtime wages.

Matrix Inventory

Matrix Inventory simplifies the retail point of sale process, enabling you to quickly locate an item and manage your extensive inventory from one screen.

User Access

User Access enables business owners to control how employees access business reports, easily updated via a series of check boxes in the backend.

Employee Login and Swipe Cards

Employee logins and swipe cards enables businesses to operate with increased security and helps keep track of employees efficiently.

Employee Scheduling

Scheduling employees is easy and intuitive: Access the backend via web browser, and select the employee for whom you wish to create a schedule.

Ingredient Level Inventory

QuickBooks Point of Sale offers ingredient-inventory tracking to help keep stock of your entire inventory, and receive alerts when you need to restock.



Franchise Management

QuickBooks on iPad Enterprise POS offers master/child setup and user access control, enabling owners to monitor and track the sales at all locations.


QuickBooks Point of Sale powered by Revel Systems prides itself on being entirely customizable and feature-rich, but we are always open to changes and improvements.


Hardware and Setup

Preconfigured Hardware

All hardware is tested and preconfigured, making sure your entire POS system and associated hardware are running at their best.

WiFi Management

QB POS WiFi management enhances your system’s connectivity and functionality, ensuring you won’t experience any slowdown due to a bad connection.

Label Printing

Whether you need individual labels for inventory items, or large pricing labels to place on your shelves, QuickBooks POS on iPad offers a variety of label printing.

Scale Integration

QuickBooks Point of Sale supplies business owners with direct scale integration to ensure your POS system will run with food safe scales.

WiFi Heat Mapping

The hybrid architecture of QuickBooks Point of Sale on iPad uses WiFi heat mapping technology to ensure the best wireless access points are used during setup.


Payment Flexibility

Always On Mode

Always On Mode enables a business to continue processing payments in the event of an Internet outage without losing data.

Split Bill

The Split Bill capability provides restaurants with a multitude of options for splitting checks with ease and efficiency.


QuickBooks Point of Sale on iPad has integrated with PayPal™ to provide business owners with even more options for their point of sale system.


QuickBooks Point of Sale now supports Bitcoin payments on the iPad POS System. The feature is easy to activate and compatible with Bitcoin-enabled digital wallets.

QuickBooks iPad POS Gift Cards

gift-cardFrom restaurants to retail stores, gift cards are a great way to not only process transactions, but also to build loyalty and engage new customers. Gift cards can generate new business, as well as provide simple marketing and promotional materials. Not to mention, many studies show customers with gift cards often spend up to 30% over the value of the gift card, so it’s a win-win!

Revel Systems has developed our simple gift card program in house to meet the needs of our customers. With a low, flat rate, and zero transaction or swipe fees, Revel’s gift card program is also competitively priced for any size business.

QuickBooks POS Gift Card Program:

blue_arrowlist Unlimited number of gift cards available

blue_arrowlist Create and manage gift cards from your management console, or directly within the iPad app

blue_arrowlist Use customized cards with your business name and logo

blue_arrowlist Card-optional set up uses 10 digit numbers (such as a cell phone) to set up a greener gift program

QuickBooks iPad POS Loyalty & Rewards Program

Revel Systems strives to provide the most robust iPad POS system on the market, from cutting edge reporting analytics to the quickest and most intuitive user interface on the market. We listen to our clients, and work to provide solutions that meet their needs, including for great Loyalty Programs.

From restaurants to retail stores, reward and loyalty cards are a great way to not only engage new customers, but also to build loyalty and greatly increase customer retention. As a straightforward marketing and promotional tool, loyalty programs offer low-cost incentives to keep customers coming back.

Revel Systems has developed our loyalty reward card program in house to meet the needs of our customers. With a low, flat rate included with the cost of gift cards, you can have your Revel Rewards program up and running in no time. You can even use the same cards for gift and reward programs, keeping overhead low for you and a streamlined system for your customers. Build the custom reward card solution that makes sense for your business.

QuickBooks POS Loyalty Program

Use customized cards with your business name and logo
No limit to the number of cards available
Create and manage reward cards from your management console, or directly within the iPad app
Card-optional set up uses 10 digit numbers (such as a cell phone) to set up a greener reward program
Use the same cards for gift and reward programs, reducing waste and overhead

Customer Relationship Management

CRM Feature

CRM Feature

Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, enables businesses to keep track of their customers and their customer preferences. This helps improve profit margins while also building customer relationships. CRM utilizes technology to organize and synchronize customer information with sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support to help build a better experience for customers.

Revel’s CRM-enabled Point-of-Sale streamlines this process, thereby allowing business owners to make the most of their customer data.

Revel’s CRM capabilities include keeping track of:

blue_arrowlist Customer name

blue_arrowlist Customer address, with billing and shipping address differentiation

blue_arrowlist Customer email

blue_arrowlist Gift card and loyalty program information, including points accrual

blue_arrowlist Personalized call names (for pickup orders)

blue_arrowlist Comprehensive order history

blue_arrowlist Notes section, for adding customer details such as allergies or aversions

All CRM information is viewable on Revel’s backend management suite. This enables businesses to export data to a reporting platform of their choice, including popular CRM solutions such as Salesforce, Magento, and Sugar CRM.

CRM is especially useful for retail stores and restaurants, but all businesses can benefit from CRM integration. Keeping track of customer information not only helps build relationships with customers, but also enables you to use that data to increase your overall profit margin. Utilizing CRM reports, business owners can analyze customer information, such as order history, to better tailor their menus or products to their customer base.

Customer Relationship Management is also integral to Revel’s Delivery Management Console. Pizza restaurants–or any restaurant that offers delivery–especially benefit from this feature. Drivers sent out for delivery have immediate, real-time access to customer information such as name, delivery address, and notes (ie, ring bell at gate)–all of which is drawn from CRM.

The Delivery Management Console–working with Customer Relationship Management–minimizes error and improves delivery times, thereby increasing business efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Digital Signage Software for QuickBooks POS

digital-signage-software-iconDigital signage software, especially when paired with the Revel POS, is the ideal tool for interacting with customers and boosting your business’s productivity. This software can be paired with the iPad POS and operates on Samsung Smart TVs. It helps build customer engagement by giving patrons new ways to interact at your restaurant or quick service establishment.

Digital signage software can also increase overall productivity, making sure food goes out hot and on time, when used for “kitchen display” and “customer order alert” purposes.

There are two main ways you can put digital signage software to work at your restaurant:

blue_arrowlist Digital Menu Boards: Cloud-based and operating off of Samsung Smart TVs, the digital menu boards offer a sleek and innovative way of presenting your restaurant’s offerings. Once the Revel Menu Board has been installed, it’s easy to make updates to your menu or alter your display. Customers in line will be able to easily view what your quick service restaurant has to offer, and will be able to have their orders ready when they get to the front. This reduces wait time and overall increases customer satisfaction–patrons viewing the digital menu boards will have a clear and attractive way to see the menu, and will receive their orders more quickly as a result.

blue_arrowlist Customer Order Alert Screen: This product allows customers to see when their order is ready via a large, clear, visual display. Like the digital menu boards, the customer order alert screen also operates on Samsung Smart TVs, and utilizes digital signage software to efficiently keep track of orders and notify customers when they are ready. This cuts down on wait time and customer frustration–instead of having to check with busy staff members about the status of their order, customers can simply see their order’s progress on the screen. This will keep your business running smoothly while keeping customers happy.

By increasing productivity and ensuring customer satisfaction, digital signage software is the perfect complement to the Revel POS. Sleek and attractive, this software also offers the tools you need to ensure your restaurant or quick service establishment is running smoothly.

With that being said, there are many other creative ways that digital signage can be used around your business establishment to convey messages to your patrons and employees.

Always On Mode on QuickBooks iPad POS

always-on-mode-iconEventually, the development of Internet and cloud computing brought around the first cloud-based POS systems. Now, business owners can access their reporting and data remotely from the internet! However, while a locally-run network was fast, a cloud-based system was often inconsistent. Intermittent connectivity and still-developing WiFi technology meant your system was often slow or totally unresponsive.

From conception, Revel Systems has recognized these two major drawbacks to the different POS systems, and sought to build a system that gave all of the benefits of the two, without the drawbacks. Inspired by this, we developed a unique hybrid architecture that allows your Revel iPad POS to run on a local network, based on the Apple iPad, while still maintaining all of the benefits and convenience of a cloud-based system.

This hybrid architecture allows Revel to operate with the only Always On Mode on the market. This means that even when your internet is slow or completely down, your local network will operate without any issues or interruptions. While many other systems talk about Offline Mode, Revel is the only system that delivers. No need to buy extra hardware or special equipment, and there is no loss in functionality. We call it Always On Mode, because more often than not you won’t even notice you’ve gone into Always On Mode because there won’t be difference in your system. You can even continue to accept credit cards!* All your terminals will still communicate, all your data will be accurately stored, and you won’t lose any confidence in your system. And Revel iPad POS is the only point of sale system who can make this claim!

* Credit Cards accepted in Always On Mode may not be fully authorized until Internet connectivity is reestablished. Revel is not liable for any failed or declined transactions made while in Always On Mode, nor do we recommend accepting cards for any amount over $10.

iPad POS Delivery Management Console

Delivery Management Screen

Delivery Management Screen

Revel is the first iPad POS to feature a fully integrated Delivery Management Console. With a growing number of home ordering options being made available to consumers, tracking delivery orders and drivers is becoming a more integral part of the food industry.With the use of the Revel POS Delivery Management Console, owners and managers will get insights and reporting vital to growing your business. From the moment an order is taken, and until it reaches the customer’s door, the Revel iPad POS is tracking, timing, detailing, and reporting information back to the cloud.

Orders can be received in person, over the phone, or through the web, and can immediately be entered into the delivery queue. Revel also offers the most flexible array of payments options, including: Paypal, Credit card (in store or at the door), Gift Cards, and many more options too. When the orders are all delivered, drivers can check in back at the store, and the Revel POS will send all order data to the backend Delivery Management Console.

The frontend system allows drivers to check out or be checked out for one or multiple orders at a time. No order will ever be lost, as the delivery tracking screen shows the status of the deliveries. Using the Revel Customer Relationship Management feature, employees can search by name, phone number, or address to find, edit, and assign the order to a previous or new customer. If the order is for a first time customer, employees can enter the appropriate information and instantly add the new customer into their client database.

Like all Revel reporting, the Delivery Management Console data is stored via the cloud and available anytime and on any Internet-ready device. Owners and Managers can gain valuable insight into the delivery side of the business with such metrics as:

blue_arrowlist Average and Individual Delivery Times

blue_arrowlist Delivery Payment Breakdowns

blue_arrowlist Average and Individual Food Prep Time

blue_arrowlist Tip Tracking and Breakdowns

blue_arrowlist Links to Individual Order Details

blue_arrowlist Aggregate Delivery Totals

blue_arrowlist Delivery Management Console Dashboard Report

View your Delivery Driver Report from the Revel Dashboard — Click to Enlarge

View your Delivery Driver Report from the Revel Dashboard

With more and more consumers ordering from home, delivery management is the next step in growing any business. The Revel Delivery Management Console provides up-to-the-minute analytics and insight allowing any owner to get an overview of how the business is running, and make strategic choices–a sure fire way to increase productivity and boost profits.

iPad POS Catering Management Console


Running a catering business can prove challenging, especially when it comes to keeping track of all the details. Any disorganization or lack of crucial information can lead to frustration and lost profits. Revel Systems ensures clients are running the catering side of their business efficiently. The Catering Management Console is designed to keep any pre-order business running smoothly directly from the point of sale.

Businesses that have a significant amount of pre-ordered food, such as bakeries and catering companies, can now manage all aspects of their business from the Revel iPad POS Catering Management Console. Track customer contact information and attach it to each order. Build customer loyalty and keep your catering business running efficiently. Keep detailed order histories of all of your customers for promotional purposes or to assist in future orders. Search for customers by name, email or phone number to ensure orders are correctly filled and on time.

Once the order has been placed, users can track outstanding orders from either the iPad POS Catering Console or from the backend via reports. Track specific items for pre-order or view entire orders. The POS Catering Management is not limited to catering and food orders, but can also be used for any pre-ordered or scheduled pickup items.

Front end and backend access allows business owners to keep up to date on upcoming orders from anywhere. Revel’s suite of detailed reporting is available anytime, anywhere. With the Revel iPad POS, any pre-order or catering business has the tools to grow their business, whether they are an independent shop owner or a multinational chain. The POS Catering Management Console ensures your catering business will be running with complete efficiency and profitability.

Table Layout Feature

table-Layout-IconThe Table Layout feature helps restaurants organize and track tables. See the entire layout of your restaurant from one easily accessible screen. Organize tables by server section and check status. Easily transfer tables and bar tabs. Allow Revel’s Table Layout Feature to keep your restaurant organized and turning a profit.

The most distinguishing difference between a full service restaurant and a QSR or fast casual food service establishment is the obvious need for table tracking and servers. With the Revel Table Service software, not only can you have a table layout, you can even have different sections for each server. The table layout feature is fully customizable: You can break your restaurant up into server areas and have different screens for different dining areas. Multilevel restaurants can easily arrange their seating charts by floor or room.

It’s easy to stay organized with Revel’s intuitive UI: Once an employee has opened a table, it will clearly be designated as open, and other employees can be locked from accessing those orders. Need to transfer at the end of your shift? No problem! You can transfer between tables, and from bar tabs. Your customers will never notice any hitches whatsoever.

Revel offers complimentary Table Layout Setup, meaning you can rely on Revel to arrange your restaurant floor plan as you see fit. Send us your floor plan and desired table layout, or speak with one of our support engineers to get your restaurant floor plan up and running in no time. As always, we continue to add new and improved features to our Table Layout screen, so contact us to see what’s new or in the works.

Purchase Order Generation and Tracking

purchase-Order-IconThe ability to manage your inventory is key to any business. Keeping track of items as they are sold will help you know which products are successful, and when to restock.

As an extension of the Revel Inventory Management feature, Revel helps your business take it one step further with the “purchase order generation and tracking” feature, which will allow you to create and manage purchase orders directly from the Revel Point of Sale.

Revel’s backend inventory tracking shows a listing of all products, including their costs and current stock level. A customizable low-stock alert threshold is available to let users know when they are running low on an item. Business owners can also track inventory based on receipts, theoretical use, waste loss variance and waste loss percentage.

Purchase Order Generation and Tracking functionality includes:

blue_arrowlist Creating Vendor Cards: Users can create vendor cards to reorder ingredients or items. The vendor card includes contact info, shipping terms, and tax rates. Vendors can be linked to certain products or ingredients along with default ordering information

blue_arrowlist Reorder Tab: Items can be reordered from the reorder tab, which lists any item linked with a vendor, or any vendor with linked items

blue_arrowlist Generate Purchase Order: Users simply select the items they would like to order and click “Generate PO” –-all vendor information autopopulates in addition to shipping information.

blue_arrowlist Edit PO information directly from the form: Order units, conversion factor, quantity, and price can all be edited from the PO form, as can Comments, shipping terms, and the FOB (“Free On Board”) agreement.

In order to generate the purchase order, select “Create” and a PO will appear in the Purchase Order List until it is submitted. To submit the PO, simply click “Edit” and then click “Submit”, and it will then be emailed to the vendor. The PO will be outstanding until they close out “items receivable” from the back end of the Revel POS.

QuickBooks Online Integration

quickbooks-iconThe details of your business are important, and being able to sort and track those details is just as crucial. QuickBooks integration enables Revel users to seamlessly export their data to the QuickBooks platform. Revel helps you stay organized, ensuring your business achieves ultimate efficiency and profitability.

Revel’s backend reporting allows users to export reports in any popular file type, including CSV, XLS and JSON. From there, business owners can upload data into QuickBooks for efficient business management. With Revel’s integration, users can easily transfer transactions from the POS directly into QuickBooks software. As with all Revel’s reporting capabilities, QuickBooks reports are viewable in real-time from any Internet-ready device.

Data is automatically synced on the POS at the beginning of every day, so there’s no worry about remembering to enter data before exporting to Quickbooks. Furthermore, no manual input is required–everything is synced automatically and ready for the export. Imagine how much time you’ll save, and how that time can be better put to use running your business.

The Revel QuickBooks integration is also detailed–accounting information is available down to the zero. With such in-depth accounting information at your fingertips, you can keep track of your business down to the smallest detail.

Revel’s QuickBooks integration only includes sales information, ensuring you will get up an up to date and detailed account of your business’s sales and subsequent profits. Data is automatically emailed to you everyday in spreadsheet form, allowing for easy export into QuickBooks.

Bar Tabs on the QuickBooks iPad POS

bar-tab-IconCreating and maintaining Bar Tabs is an integral feature of any point of sale system for bars and pubs. Revel gives you the ability to not only create bar tabs, but allows you to effectively manage and locate them. This will streamline operations at your bar while keeping your customers happy.

With the QuickBooks POS Bar Tabs Feature you can:

blue_arrowlist Locate open tabs by customer name: Instead of searching through a pile of credit cards, employees can quickly locate bar tabs by customer name.

blue_arrowlist Pull up bar tabs with credit card: Alternatively, an employee can also pull up a bar tab simply by swiping the credit card. After swiping, the associated bar tab will appear and the employee can settle the bill from there.

blue_arrowlist Payment customization: Revel’s Split Bill capabilities ensures your customers will be able to settle up their bar tabs in the way that best suits them. Employees can divide the tab evenly amongst any number of patrons, or they can split it up based on different amounts or items. Bartenders can even split the check based on payment type–patrons dividing their bar tabs can pay with a combination of cash and credit.

As an owner of a bar, you have a lot on your mind, not the least of which is keeping your business running smoothly, for you and your patrons. Streamline the operations at your business by utilizing a multifunctional POS system with bar tab capabilities. This will minimize wait time for your customers–eliminating what can be the most tiresome aspect of an evening out–and maximize your time, by allowing your bartenders to focus on what’s most important: Pouring quality drinks, and keeping your customers happy.

Online Ordering

Online Ordering - Click for Full Size

Online Ordering – Click for Full Size

Give your customers even more ways to enjoy your offerings by implementing online ordering. Patrons wishing to place their orders at your business ahead of time can do so online–this cuts down on wait time and gives customers the added convenience of ordering items for pickup at their convenience. Revel offers fully integrated online ordering within the point of sale app–your customers can now place orders in advance online, and pick them up at your business.

Online ordering provides multiple benefits, including:

blue_arrowlist Customer convenience: Busy customers who need to order food for pickup can do so online, allowing them to order and pick up at their convenience.

blue_arrowlist Reduced wait times: Online orders are placed in advance for pickup, meaning customers in your restaurant will spend less time waiting in line.


Check Out Screen – Click to Enlarge

blue_arrowlist Customizable pickup time: Customers can set pickup times for online orders according to their needs–”ASAP” allows them to order an item for immediate pickup, or they can choose a later time or date. Pickup times are restricted by your business’s hours as set in the backend of your Revel POS, so there’s no worry about customers placing orders to be picked up after your business has closed for the day.

blue_arrowlist Mobile ordering: Revel’s online ordering feature is also available via mobile device–your customers on the go will be able to place orders at your restaurant on the go from their mobile devices.

Combined with loyalty and reward programs, online ordering is key to building your customer base as well as attracting new clientele. Give patrons more ways and convenience to enjoy your restaurant’s offerings by implementing online ordering on the Revel POS.

Payment Encryption on the Revel iPad POS

All Revel card readers come fully encrypted with AES 256 payment encryption key. From the moment a card is swiped through your Revel Systems iPad POS, the card information is encrypted, ensuring that the card data cannot be intercepted or stolen. Furthermore, by using our own unique encryption code, standard hacking or fraud techniques overwhelmingly won’t be effective against a Revel card swipe. That means extra security for your Payment Encryption and your customers’ data.

In fact, Revel consistently meets or exceeds PCI DDS 2.0 requirements. And that’s important, because failure to meet PCI Compliance can be disastrous for merchants. According to PCI Security Standards:

Compromised data negatively affects consumers, merchants, and financial institutions…Just one incident can severely damage your reputation and your ability to conduct business effectively, which can lead to loss of sales, relationships and standing in your community, and depressed share price if yours is a public company

Possible negative consequences also include:

Payment card issuer and Government Fines
Insurance claims
Lawsuits & Cancelled accounts
The fines incurred aren’t insignificant either. In many cases they can be tens of thousands of dollars for EACH transaction that occurred during a time of infraction, and many PCI compliance breaches actually result in significant loss of business, if not a total closure.

Mobile Device Management on QuickBooks iPad POS

open-api-iconWith Revel and the advent of the mobile Point of Sale terminal, mobile device security has become a growing concern for POS system users and business owners, which is why we offer you Mobile Device Management (MDM). The use of accessible WiFi networks, the threat of lost or stolen tablets and POS devices all mean that a POS system run on iPads or other tablets must meet the highest security standards.

With this growth of the iPad market, a new type of software has also grown in prominence: Mobile Device Management (MDM) software. Thankfully, Revel Systems is the first to adopt MDM software across all of our iPad systems. MDM software offers a number of advantages to improving the security and functionality of mobile devices in a number of ways:

Security – Starting in 2014, MDM software will be a requirement of all tablet-based POS systems, as required by PCI Compliance. MDM software allows us to lock down or wipe clean any devices that are lost or stolen, as well as check in on them remotely, for added Revel support. Our CTO and co-Founder, Chris Ciabarra, has an extensive background in data security, and his knowledge of the space led Revel to become the first iPad POS to adopt MDM software
Convenience – Through MDM, Revel is able to assist you in managing your Revel POS app remotely. This means we will be able to automatically notify you when there is a new build available for you, as well as assist you in the upgrade process without the need for any access codes or pins. This means you will have the most up to date software always, and be up to date on all PCI requirements

Efficiency – Along with the ability to lock down an iPad that has been lost or stolen, Revel users can limit their iPads to only the Revel app, meaning employees can’t access extra apps on company time, or waste data beyond the basic Revel requirements
Maintenance – Revel’s MDM software will alert you whenever an iPad has low battery life, or lost connection to your network

With Revel consistently at the forefront of iPad POS software, and tablet system innovation, is it any surprise we’d lead the charge in Mobile Device Management?

PCI Compliance and POS Systems

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is an information security standard for organizations that handle cardholder information for any of the major credit, debit, ATM and other cards. It was created to increase controls around cardholder data and to reduce credit card fraud, keeping both consumers and businesses safe.
Revel Systems has always taken credit card security very seriously. Co-founder and CTO Chris Ciabarra, a former PCI compliance consultant to large brands such as Restoration Hardware, insisted on it being a cornerstone of our products. Revel ensures its software is up to date on all PCI compliance requirements. The current version of the standard–version 2.0–lists twelve PCI DSS Requirements, which can be found here.

Revel Systems has been, and always will be PCI Compliant. Not only that, but we have the tightest credit card security of any POS, iPad or otherwise.

Here are a few facts about Revel and PCI Compliance:

blue_arrowlist 23% of hospitality businesses endure some form of data breach each year

blue_arrowlist Revel has, to date, never experienced any form of credit card fraud or hacking

blue_arrowlist Revel uses only secure credit card swipes, featuring a proprietary 256-Ace bit encryption

blue_arrowlist Revel’s strict adherence to PCI Compliance means that credit card information will be safely and securely transmitted from Revel’s POS systems to the financial processors. Generic hacks and fraud measures simply won’t compromise your customers’ credit cards.

Secure Servers & Technology

There is no question about the benefits of cloud computing, but business owners must be aware of those servers. Revel is invested in creating secure platforms for all of our clients, thus maintaining the highest levels of customer privacy and PCI compliance.

What makes a cloud computing server secure?

Revel has taken three precautions for keeping your data secure:

Each business with Revel operates on its own database. This means your data is not lumped in or shared with any other businesses just to save a few dollars. Every server runs a series of machines that are responsible for your business, and kept separate from other client’s data.
Revel has several servers distributed across the world. In the rare case that there is an earthquake, massive power failure, or other unpredictable event, Revel has several layers of redundant data distributed across several locations for your data’s protection and continuity. Rest assured your data is not only protected, but it is also backed up in many physical locations on a regular basis.

Lastly, our Data centers have the highest grade of SAS 70 Type II certifications, which means your data is encrypted and safe.

Inventory Management on Revel’s iPad POS

Inventory Management Screen

Inventory Management Screen

Keeping an accurate account of your existing inventory is imperative to running an efficient, and profitable business. This is why Inventory Management is a great idea. With a Revel Systems iPad POS system, business owners can not only keep track of their inventory, but also manage the purchase and reorder process, directly from within the backend management console.Revel Systems’ iPad POS Inventory Management module is built for business owners to manage their inventory in a very straight forward, easy to understand format. Set up your starting inventory, manage the receipt of new inventory during an inventory tracking period, and track outgoing sales. Once you recount your actual inventory, your Revel Systems backend management console will then calculate waste loss variance, and waste loss percentages automatically, helping you manage shrinkage or loss.

Set up low-stock alert thresholds within the backend, and Revel will automatically alert you once you have passed below a certain level to remind you to reorder. Furthermore, once it is time to reorder, you can easily generate purchase orders directly from within your management console. Store vendor contact information and link it to products, and then use that information to generate a purchase order. Once you’ve received the items in your orders, you can let the system know and it will update your Inventory Management area. Automatically. It’s that easy!

Intelligent Reporting on the
QuickBooks iPad POS

At the end of the day, the strength of a POS system comes down to the strength of the data analytics and reporting that the system can provide to a business owner, such as Intelligent Reporting. What information not easily visible to the naked eye can we learn from the data that our system is constantly gathering? How easy is that data to read? What are you, as a business owner, able to learn from this data?

Intelligent Reporting

Intelligent Reporting

With a Revel Systems iPad POS, we pride ourselves on being the industry leader when it comes to Intelligent Reporting and data analytics. We are a company of techies and engineers, and we’re definitely most comfortable when we have access to as much data and reporting as possible. From detailed sales numbers, to product sales reporting, to a complete order history of every piece of information on every order ever placed through the Revel iPad POS, you will have all the data you need to make the best decisions for your business.Not only that, but Revel offers what we call Revel Intelligent Reporting, which means anytime your Revel iPad POS recognizes something is off with an order, whether it’s missing sufficient funds, or was reopened on a suspicious day, your backend management console will automatically flag it for you, so that nothing can slip through!

With our Intelligent Reporting Suite, business owners have access to our top five most popular reports:

Sales Summary – A global breakdown of all financial payments and transactions
Hourly Sales – Sales totals broken down by the hour or time period
Product Mix – A listing of all products sold in a given time period with easy to read graphs and figures
Order History – A comprehensive history of all orders, including any and all relevant information
Payment Summary – Detailed breakdown of payment types received

Payroll Management on the
QuickBooks iPad POS

Payroll Management Screen

Payroll Management Screen

Whether you employ 5 people or 500, managing payroll (Payroll Management) can be one of the more tedious tasks involved in running a business. Tracking the basic hours that an employee has worked can be laborious and time-consuming enough, but once you take into account double time and overtime calculations, tips and all the various labor laws that can go into accurate payroll management, the task can be pretty daunting. Now take that and apply it to multiple employees and any number of establishments, and you can see how payroll management can get complicated.While it can seem overwhelming, tracking your employee wages is one of the most important aspects of running a business. Similarly, it should be a key feature of any Point of Sale that is worth having you help run your business. With the Revel iPad POS, employees can keep track of their time worked and payroll directly from any iPad POS terminal. Employees can even have different wages for different jobs they may perform. If your employee waits tables during lunch, but works the bar at dinner, you can capture that. Or if they work in the inventory room mornings, and runs a cash register evenings, Revel’s iPad POS also captures this data without a problem.

As employees clock in to the Revel iPad POS, your point of sale system will keep track of employees’ time worked, as well as automatically calculate their overtime and double time wages, and even declare tips! Set up your local labor laws into the system, and Revel will calculate the rest! Track your payroll totals from directly in your backend payroll management console, and with an easy export to Excel, CSV and JSON file formats, you can be sure to integrate directly with your accounting software of choice.

If you take into account all of the hours you’ll save by having everything calculated for you automatically, you will see your Return on Investment on your Revel iPad POS in no time.

POS Matrix Inventory

The POS Matrix Inventory allows retail locations to manage their extensive inventory from one easy screen. Retail stores have a lot to keep track of, and what seems like a single item in fact involves a multitude of styles and variations. For example, your local department store probably has dozens of different styles of t-shirt. Each t-shirt comes in a wide variety of colors, styles, and sizes. For most iPad POS systems, business owners have to find each unique item on the POS to ring an order in. That means if you have 10 shirts with 5 colors and 4 sizes, you’ve got 200 individual buttons on your POS that represent only a few shirt styles. With the Revel Matrix Inventory feature, you’d only need 10 buttons to select style, and then variations of those shirts are easily sorted and selectable, with minimal clicks. And that means faster sales, and more customers. And a bigger bottom line.

There are many pieces to a retail business, and many items to keep track of. Your inventory is your business, and you need to ensure you can find and access all items at the point of sale. Retail POS systems are often inefficient, and an extensive inventory can further complicate matters. With managing inventory, multiple locations and thousands of SKUs, a powerful POS is a necessity to run a modern retail business for both neighborhood boutiques and multinational chains. The use of Matrix Inventory is a major advantage for retail shops, and is a necessity for handling the thousands, or even tens of thousands, of SKUs.

Matrix Inventory on the Revel Retail POS

Easily Make Orders and Maintain your Inventory using

Revel POS Matrix Inventory — Click to Enlarge

Here at Revel Systems, we recognize the needs of our retail customers. That is why the Revel iPad POS is the only iPad POS to feature innovative functionality such as Matrix Inventory.

Revel understands retail, and has designed its point of sale to be equipped with everything you need to run your retail business at maximum efficiency and profitability.

The User Access feature enables business owners to control how employees access business reports. This setup is easily configured in Revel’s backend, and allows owners to set permissions for individual employees. User Access helps businesses run more efficiently with the right employees seeing the right–and most relevant–information.

user-access-imageWhile this feature is especially beneficial for Enterprise POS clients, any business owner with more than one establishment can benefit from User Access. If you operate a franchise and want the franchise owners to access the reports for only their establishment, you can easily set this up in the backend.

User Access is easily modified in the Revel backend, which is accessible via the web browser. Under the “employee” section of the Revel backend, simply select the employee, then check (or uncheck) reports accordingly. Once you’ve saved and enabled your updates, they will immediately go into effect. From that point on, that employee or franchise owner will be able to view and access only the reports that the owner designates. This allows franchisees to see the information that is relevant to them, and informs them about their own business, without cluttering up their dashboard or inbox with reports from the other franchises or locations. And, as a business owner, you will have more control over your business as a whole.

User Access is an excellent feature for single-establishment owners as well. If you employ managers, chances are you want them to access to information and reports that you don’t necessarily need the other employees accessing. By setting permissions in the User Access backend, business owners can allow managers to access the information they need to do their jobs efficiently. This also frees up the business owner from having to pick and choose which reports he shares with managers on an individual basis–with one simple backend setup, owners can ensure their managers are getting the right information in real-time.

Employee Scheduling on the
QuickBooks POS

employee-scheduling-iconCreating schedules for your employees is easy and intuitive with the Revel POS. Simply access the backend via web browser, and select the employee for whom you wish to create a schedule.

This multifunctional feature gives you the ability to create and modify schedules for all employees, as well as the ability to easily reference an employee’s shifts and projected hours, as well as their overtime pay.

blue_arrowlist Easy setup: Set up the date and time, and select the role you would like them to use (for example, manager). You can also schedule multiple time slots in one day for employees working different shifts.

blue_arrowlist Color Coded Time Slots: The employee scheduling time slots are color coded for easy reference–red refers to doubletime, and orange to overtime. This gives you the ability to reference an employee’s projected hours for the week at a glance.

blue_arrowlist Change Timesheet Rules on the fly: These rules are set in the backend under the “Time Sheet Rules” tab, allowing you to fully customize employee hours, as well as what constitutes a full day. If, for example, you set a full day as 8 hours, any employee working more than 8 hours will accrue overtime. You can also easily set the multipliers for overtime and doubletime in this tab.

blue_arrowlist Email Schedule to Employees: Select the employee(s) you would like to email schedule(s) to; you can select multiple employees at once; and click “send email.” These employees will then receive an email with a clickable link to the schedule you created, and you will see if the employee confirmed the schedule on the backend, once the schedule has been accepted. (Each employee would need their email entered into his/her Employee Profile to receive the email. This is entered by an admin with scheduling permissions.)

blue_arrowlist Toggle between shift, hours, and wage views: This feature enables you to smoothly toggle between different views–by selecting the corresponding button, you can see an employee’s specific shift, the hours to be worked, and the wage he or she will earn.

blue_arrowlist Copy shifts to other weeks: Easily copy employee scheduling across the month by selecting the shift you’d like to copy, click “copy shifts,” and then select from the calendar which weeks you’d like the shifts to copy to.

Employee scheduling, combined with Employee Login and Payroll Management, gives you the tools you need to manage your employees effectively.

QuickBooks Franchise Management
for Enterprise POS

Franchise-Management-Using-Master-Child-SettingsOwning an enterprise-level business means keeping track of a lot of details. Revel’s Franchise Product Offering Management ensures owners stay up to date on all locations, as well as on their business as a whole.

Franchise Product Offering Management Allows for Controlling all Establishments from One Master Dashboard

In addition to Enterprise Reporting, Revel offers various features which help franchise owners keep track of their business:

blue_arrowlist Master/Child Setup: With this feature, business owners set up a master location and create subsequent establishments with settings that mirror the master location. The master location can control settings and menu setup for the other locations, but each location has its own set of reporting. This enables individual locations to have access to all the benefits of Revel’s reporting, while giving the owner the ability to have a comprehensive view of his or her business.

blue_arrowlist User Access Control: This feature allows the business owner to limit backend access for franchise owners on an individual basis. For example, the owner might want to limit how much data an individual franchisee has access to, such as sales reports for other franchises. A series of check-boxes on the backend allows owners to control which reports individual franchise owners can see.

blue_arrowlist Monitor All Locations: As stated above, owners of enterprise-level businesses have a lot of details to keep track of. Revel’s Franchise Product Offering Management ensures owners can keep track of all their locations, and view reports from a comprehensive or individual standpoint. Monitor which locations are doing well, and which aren’t, and analyze the data to determine how best to make your business thrive.


open-api-iconRevel Systems prides itself on being entirely customizable to your business. Our point of sale system is feature-rich, but we are always open to changes and improvements. Revel boasts an open iPad POS API–or Application Programming Interface–enabling you to enhance your Revel iPad POS as you see fit. Our point of sale system is so robust that you can tap into the backend API, enabling you to add or remove features, and allowing you to fully customize your iPad POS. Revel provides a simple and powerful REST API to integrate the Revel POS into your business or application.

Below is only a sampling of our API information available. The full Revel API Information Packet is given to clients after they sign our API Nondisclosure Agreement.


GET /item/

GET /item/(int: item_id)/
Returns an item that is present at (item_id).

Query Parameters:
item_id – the item_id of the item
Status Codes:
200 – No error has occured
404 – No item with that item_id
DELETE /item/

DELETE /item/(int: item_id)/
Deletes an item that is present at (item_id).
Query Parameters:
item_id – the item_id of the item
Status Codes:
200 – No error has occured
404 – No item with that item_id
POST /item/

POST /item/(int: item_id)/
Returns a newly created Item with the (item_id).

Query Parameters:

item_id – This value is the unique item_id of the item
restaurant_id – This value will be the unique ID of the location
temp_ids – A value that needs to increase by one everytime
printers – This value will contain the IP address of the printers the
items will print to. If the item is being printed to more than one printer it has to be seperated by a comma.
mod_id – This value is the unique id of the modifier
mod_price – This value is the price of the the modifier being added to the item
item_tax – This value is the tax value of a specific item
– This value is the pin number of the user/employee adding the item to the order. In other cases if the order is an online web order you will have to specify a specific pin number to report it was online orders.
– This value is a text value of the customer name
– Session ID is unique per every order. It the way of associating the items in the order
– This is a text value for the item name
– The quantity of the item being ordered
– This is the positive numeric value of the discount associated to the product.
– This is a text value for the customer type
– This is text value for the reason the item was discounted
– Check if the item printed to the kitchen printer
1 = Printed
0 = Did Not Print
– The value has to be a unix timestamp of the time/date the order is purchased
– The price of the item
Status Codes:
200 – Ok, Item created
500– Error, Item was not created

Preconfigured Hardware for your iPad POS

Revel Systems is a truly plug and play Point of Sale solution. Your iPad POS comes equipped with preconfigured hardware. That means that from soup to nuts, we can provide all the hardware, software and support you need to get your business set up with an award winning, industry leading iPad POS system. Revel sources all of the required hardware for any unique setup, and then our support engineers configure and test each system individually, in-house, before it ever gets shipped to your business. This ensures that the entire system is communicating properly (i.e. receipt printers, credit card swipes, cash drawers, scales, etc), providing a fully reliable system from day one, as well as eliminating the errors and frustrations you might ordinarily incur by sourcing and configuring hardware yourself.

Check out our hardware page to view Revel’s basic hardware package options, as well as to see a bit more information about the types of hardware we offer. We source and test everything ourselves, ensuring that you will get the best iPad-based point of sale system for your business. We want you to have the best, and providing you with preconfigured hardware is part of that goal. This way, you can rest assured that your business will be running smoothly, and turning a profit, without having to worry about the nuts and bolts of your point of sale system. All hardware is selected on the basis of its compatibility with Revel’s iPad POS, and you can be certain that our POS software and hardware will communicate seamlessly.

Additionally, by standardizing all preconfigured hardware set ups, anytime you call or email the Revel Support line, our support engineers already have a detailed understanding of how your system is set up and operates, without any unnecessary back and forth!

WiFi Management on the
QuickBooks iPad POS

WiFi Management Infographic
WiFi Management Infographic – Click to enlarge

wifi-heat-mapping-iconIn our efforts to continually outperform the competition, and provide the highest quality products and services, we at Revel Systems try to think of the entire POS system we sell, not just the software or peripherals. We’re talking about your WiFi Management. As with any iPad-based system, your WiFi Management and WiFi network is a critical part of your POS, and how successfully you are able to take advantage of all the positive aspects of a cloud-based system.

As a one-stop shop, Revel Systems wanted to offer a service that would help ensure our customers had the most effective WiFi network, no matter what Internet Service Provider (ISP) they used. To that end, we developed our Revel Systems WiFi Management system. Through a simple consultative process, Revel Systems will help any business owner establish a strong WiFi network and WiFi Management system through the use of the ISP provided modem, and additional routers and access points.

These additional access points will bring stronger WiFi connection to different areas of your business, either inside or outside. While also boosting your signal, these access points will also come pre-configured with powerful network management software that allows our support engineers to monitor your network connectivity and strength, as well as offer remote maintenance when needed. Revel can ensure which hardware is operating at optimum connectivity on the latest firmware, and prevent any unauthorized devices or lapses in PCI compliance. And we’ll even throw in Priority Web Support for all clients.

WiFi Management Features:

blue_arrowlist Priority Web Support Ticketing

blue_arrowlist Dedicated WiFi Manager

blue_arrowlist Increased Security

blue_arrowlist Improved support: Revel can troubleshoot your entire network remotely

Revel is the only POS vendor to offer such a complete package – most systems’ PCI security ends at the terminal, and takes no account for network!

Label Printing
Label printing is essential to staying organized–both in the kitchen and front of house. You want your label printer to be high functioning, and communicate seamlessly with your POS system. Revel Systems always integrates with only the best hardware solutions, such as the Zebra Label Printer.

With hundreds of different label sizes available, you will definitely find the label to meet your business needs. If Zebra makes it, Revel can print it! Revel offers label printing for large pricing labels to put on your shelves for easy to read pricing, as well as printing individual labels for each item in your inventory.

Need to print small “butterfly” style labels for smaller items such as jewelry and apparel? Revel has that too. You can even print “recipe” labels, showing the product and customer name, as well as necessary modifiers or additions – perfect for smoothy shops or topping-heavy frozen yogurt establishments.

Revel Systems is a one stop shop, plug and play POS solution. Whatever your business’s needs are, Revel has a system that can accommodate you. That holds true for not only our software configurations, but also our hardware. As an example, Revel Systems is the only iPad POS to provide fully integrated label printers. With our Zebra brand printer, you can be sure to print a variety of labels and print outs to make sure your business runs the way you want.

With Revel’s integrated label printing hardware, you can rest assured that Revel has the iPad POS solution to meet your business’s needs, as well as an iPad POS solution that brings your business the future of point of sale!

Scale Integration – Selling Items by Weight

scale-integration-iconScale integration is an integral aspect of a smoothly running point of sale system. You want your scale and POS to communicate seamlessly for maximum functionality and profitability for your business. Revel has a number of food safe scales that we can integrate directly with, from the Avery Berkel ounce and pound weight models, to Honeywell scanner scales. Selling weighted items is a total breeze.

Once you purchase your Revel Scale System, our systems engineers will pre-configure your system so that your Revel scale will communicate directly with your POS. Once an item is set to sell by weight, then the scale will automatically relay the correct weight to the POS and automatically calculate prices. Not only that, but you can even manually set tare weights, and even include multiple tare weights to account for multiple cups of frozen yogurt, or weighing dishes–all depending on what you are selling.

As the only iPad POS with weight scales that are NTEP certified by the National Conference on Weights and Measures, your system is set up to meet national standards without any additional fees. As always, Revel Systems leads the charge in the future of point of sale.

At Revel Systems, we pride ourselves on providing the complete iPad POS solution. From hardware and software standards, like printers and card swipes, to those custom peripherals other systems haven’t even tried to work with yet, like Kitchen Displays and scales. In fact, it is this push to have the most robust solution on the market that has made us so popular with so many different businesses. The ability to integrate directly with a food safe scale is one such outstanding feature. From grocery stores to frozen yogurt shops, the Revel Scale System helps businesses around the world sell weighted items directly from the point of sale!

WiFi Heat Mapping Technology

Recently at Revel Systems, we have shifted our WiFi networks from a one size fits all solution to a custom managed solution. We have the ability to customize our WiFi network build-outs to each individual client using WiFi heat mapping technology.

First, we ask clients for the floor plans and layouts of their establishment. Next, we are able to input into the system where the firewalls, drywall, windows, doors and other obstructions are that could potentially interfere with a wireless network. Restaurants and large-scale implementations like stadiums, as well as, multi-room, multi-floor establishments will have no problem connecting their Revel Systems iPad POS systems to the WiFi network.

WiFi heat mapping technology allows us to pinpoint the exact location of an access point. By pinpointing locations, the system will be able to communicate flawlessly. No longer will we have to base access points off of square footage alone, but now with heat mapping technology, we can actually account for the placement of the walls and the different properties of the structure.

Not only are we able to pin point the placement of the access points, but we are also able to efficiently manage how the network broadcasts itself to all devices that connect to the WiFi network. Any interference coming from other access points on the network will be monitored in real-time by the Revel network to ensure the broadcast is running at it’s highest level.

At Revel, we’re constantly looking for innovation in the technology realm, and WiFi-heat mapping technology is another piece to creating the future of point of sale.

Split Bill Capabilities on the
QuickBooks POS

split-Bill-Icon1A busy restaurant needs to run efficiently, and that includes being able to split the bill however they see fit. Customers often want this capability, and not all restaurants can meet this request. A busy restaurant needs the option to split a bill however they choose with ultimate ease and efficiency. With Revel Split Bill functionality, servers can easily split bills for any number of situations and payment types. Splitting a bill evenly between a number of patrons? No problem! Splitting out by individual items? Easy! Need to manually break up a check to different payment amounts and types? Done. You can even break orders up based on the individual seat numbers to efficiently accommodate parties with varying order sizes.


The Split Bill capability provides restaurants with a multitude of options for splitting checks. The process is easy and hassle free: Once an employee has selected to split a bill, the split bill screen is pulled up. Employees can then break up checks, move items, and set the bill to match the request of your customers. Closing out each bill is also simple, with a clear and obvious stamp of “PAID” put on each check. Once all the bills are closed out, employees can print closing receipts and finish the order just like any other.

Since our inception, Revel Systems has built an iPad POS specifically for restaurant and food service businesses. Full, or Table Service restaurants specifically have been one of our mainstay products since the very beginning. With features like seat tracking, table layouts and coursing, Revel Table Service is meant to address the specific needs of full service restaurants. Among these table service-specific features, the ability to split bills is certainly one of the most common and basic requirements. We firmly believe at Revel that your POS should never be a hold up for your business, and that’s why we built our Full Service POS to meet your needs.


Revel has integrated with PayPal™ to provide business owners with even more options for their point of sale system. PayPal is the faster, safer way to pay and get paid online, via a mobile device, and in store; and now it is available to use through your Revel iPad POS. This is an easy to use service that gives customers the flexibility and security to pay without opening their wallets, through a trusted source they know and love.

Using PayPal™ at your business provides many benefits, some of which include:

Mobile Discovery: Potential customers can pull up a mobile directory of nearby establishments that accept PayPal, helping them discover new places to patronize
Ordering ahead to save time: Customers have the option of ordering ahead to cut down on wait times and avoid the line
Secure payments on pickup using PayPal™ accounts: Customers, many of whom already know and use PayPal™, won’t even have to take out their wallet, or share any financial or payment information with the merchant
Setup is easy — after your establishment is set up on Revel’s backend, your businesses will appear in the mobile, consumer-facing app. The PayPal™ app is available on all Apple and Android devices, and is easy for your customers to setup. Most people are already familiar with PayPal™, and feel at ease with its ability to handle payments securely. Customers can add their photo for easy identification.

There are two ways your customers can use PayPal™ in your shop:

Order ahead: PayPal™ orders appear along with online orders on the Revel POS. These occur as prepaid orders, so the order balance will automatically appear as “$0.00.” since the customer pays the merchant ahead of time. Customers can also select pick up times within the app, which can communicate with your kitchen printer.
In-store check-in and payment: Customers will “check in” at your store with the PayPal™ app. When they’re ready to pay, they will let you know they’d like to pay with PayPal™. (A visual notification on the Revel POS will be there to let employees know when potential customers have checked in.) To complete payment, store employees simply touch the PayPal™ button in the top left corner, and select the appropriate customer from the drop down list, to then bill that users PayPal™ account.

Revel iPad POS now supports Bitcoin Payments

bitcoin-iconMerchants can now accept Bitcoin on the Revel POS, making it even easier for users to customize their payment options. The encrypted, peer-to-peer currency is increasing in popularity and notoriety, and now Revel merchants can accept Bitcoin hassle-free. Revel is working with digital wallet provider Coinbase to provide customers with an easy way to pay with Bitcoin at participating Revel locations.

Revel Systems now accepts Bitcoin on the iPad POS system

Patrons at stores using the Revel POS can use a Bitcoin wallet app, such as Coinbase, to pay for their merchandise with Bitcoin. When the time comes to pay, the cashier simply taps the Bitcoin icon and a QR code will pop up on the Revel iPad POS screen. The customer will then scan this QR code with their smartphone, using the Bitcoin wallet app. Once the code is scanned, the transaction is complete.

Benefits of Accepting Bitcoin:

blue_arrowlist No transaction fees for merchants: When a Bitcoin transaction takes place, neither the buyer nor the seller pays any transaction fees. Instead, the people that mine Bitcoin get to keep some bitcoins in exchange for the work they do–”mining” the bitcoins serves to confirm and verify the transaction. You can read more about this here. There is a 1% fee for converting bitcoins to dollars, but only after your first $1,000,000 in sales.

blue_arrowlist A totally digital wallet: Tech-savvy customers will be delighted to hear they can pay with Bitcoin at your store. Bitcoin eliminates the need to carry a wallet, and your customers now have the added convenience of only needing their mobiles phones to pay.

blue_arrowlist Take advantage of trends: Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are a rising trend in today’s digital age. Keep abreast of this trend and use it maximize profitability by accepting Bitcoin at your store. It’s also a great way to garner media attention and market your store to the tech-savvy crowd.

blue_arrowlist Secure/ No Chargebacks: The Revel POS is entirely secure and PCI compliant, but for the extra cautious merchant the ability to accept Bitcoin may serve as an additional comfort. Bitcoin operates on a “buyer beware” basis, meaning that the liability is placed on the payer, rather than the merchant. Once you’ve received a Bitcoin payment, you won’t have to worry about it being challenged or reversed. You can read more about this here. A chargeback, which is a return of funds to the consumer, means that the merchant not only loses the money from the transaction, but is also fined as a result. There are no chargebacks with Bitcoin, and therefore no need to worry about prohibitive reversal fines and lost funds.

Regardless of whether you think Bitcoin is here to stay, Revel is providing merchants with a platform to accept payments of all kinds. We believe in empowering merchants and allowing their customers flexibility when choosing payment methods, whether they’re using Bitcoin, PayPal™, cash, or credit. As one of the first point of sale platforms to offer an integrated Bitcoin solution, Revel is paving the way for new technology and payment types.