QuickBooks Table Service Restaurant Point of Sale

Key Benefts for Restaurant

  • Kitchen Display System (KDS)
  • Tableside mobile order takers
  • Ingredient level inventory
  • Customized table layouts
  • Bar tab management
  • Employee scheduling and tracking
  • Online and mobile ordering
  • Delivery control
  • Split tab capabilities
  • Loyalty programs and gift cards

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Platform Benefits

  • Seamless QuickBooks integration
  • Low rates with QuickBooks Payments
  • Compliant with PCI/P2PE standards
  • Easy to train new employees
  • Always On Mode keeps your business
  • running in the event of an Internet
  • slow-down or power outage
  • 24/7 phone support
  • Open API for customization
  • Simple and intuitive UI for faster service

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Table Service Restaurant
QuickBooks iPad POS | Restaurant


86 your current POS and upgrade to the QuickBooks iPad Restaurant POS today.

The #1 iPad Point of Sale solution is teamed up with your choice of QuickBooks Online or Desktop.

This top-rated suite for accounting and point of sale offers you top rated tools to efficiently run your business.

Stay ahead of the competition with ingredient level inventory tracking and real-time reports!

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New servers can be trained on the system in under an hour. All features & functions are “kindergarten english”– straight forward and easy to find.



You can control your bar without compromising speed. “Quick Bar” mode allows a bartender to start a check with a credit card, share tabs, repeat items, accept payment on the order screen, and more.



Call in Order profiles include the customer’s last order that may be “reordered”, the date of last order, special notes, and additional contact information such as address, email, and directions.