Annoying Blank Yellow Help Box Covering QuickBooks Point of Sale Screen

The Issue

An issue we have been seeing with many of our customers lately: Yellow Help Sidebar covers the right side of many screens in QuickBooks Point of Sale and blocks users from seeing the buttons in the bottom right of said window.

In the example below you can see how on the Purchase Order Screen, the empty box does not allow to close out of the window.

Yellow empty help 3


Response from Intuit

We are aware of this issue and working with our product team on a resolution.

To resolve the issue in the interim you can do the following.

  1. Once the issue is encountered, in the Purchase Order list for example, there is no way to close the affected open window via “x” button on the right top of the window or “close” button on the form. Instead, “Escape” key works to get out of the window.
  2. In order to correct this, click on “File->Preferences->Company/Workstation” Window; and just close it.
  3. Open the Purchase Order list again, you will no longer encounter the issue.

Yellow empty help box


Annoying Quick Fix

We have noticed the easiest way to get around this is to do one of the following:

  • If you are in a window where you are not saving anything, you can simply hit Escape and most often it will close the screen.
  • If you are in a window where you need to get to the buttons in the bottom right, you can grab the right side of the window with the resize cursor (resize) and pull it to the left until the buttons come into view.

Yellow empty help 2



I have watched the forums and posed questions to people about this issue and responses have included the following:

  • QBooksConsulting: “From what I have been able to see, my suspicion is that it is tied to certain screen resolutions, or versions of Internet Explorer.”
  • IntuitAbhishek: This is a known issue with the R11 patch and will be fixed in the next patch.”
  • IntuitAbhishek: “Everyone, Please consider taking up R12 for a fix to the Yellow bar issue.”

I am now uncertain the R12 patch does anything about the Yellow Bar issue, as I have installed it on a number of clients and some see the Yellow Bar persist after the update. I also have one client who is quite certain the Yellow Bar means someone is stealing her credit card numbers, but that is another story…

Yellow empty help 4


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