The Benefits of QuickBooks POS Gift Cards!!

QuickBooks POS Gift Card Service Overview

An account with the QuickBooks POS Gift Card Service* provides an integrated gift card processing solution that allows you to sell and redeem stored-value gift cards from within your Point of Sale software.

Key benefits of the service include:

  • No duplicate data entry. All communication with the service and recording of gift card transactions is done directly in your Point of Sale software.

  • Transactions can be automatically posted to your QuickBooks financial software.

  • Card value is tracked on the service‚Äôs online servers rather than on the card itself, giving you the flexibility to sell in whatever denominations your customers want and to add additional value to a gift card by “re-charging” the card.

  • Check the outstanding balance of a gift card from the receipt payment screen.

  • Choose from standard or custom cards. Custom cards allow you to add your own store logo and/or artwork to your gift cards.

  • Integrated gift card balance and activity reporting within Point of Sale.

You can apply for an account with the QuickBooks POS Gift Card Service by contacting QB Services at 888-255-9878 option 2

A card reader (sold separately) is recommended, but not required to use the Gift Card service. Using a card reader is faster and more convenient, but you can just type the number printed on the card to process a transaction. A modem and phone line or Internet connection is necessary on at least one of your Point of Sale workstations for transmitting data to and from the service.

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