Cannot use MS Outlook to email from QuickBooks

Once in a while I will get a customer who cannot email items out of QuickBooks using MS Outlook. Normally, I go into QuickBooks, and from the “Edit” menu go to preferences.

From there, I click on the checkbox that say’s, “Auto-check the “To be e-mailed” checkbox if customer’s Preferred Send Method is e-mail.”

Then, select the option under, “Send e-mail using:” to QuickBooks E-mail.

But wait a minute!  What if it’s not there?  Then, you need to Exit QuickBooks and go into your control panel:

and click on, “Programs and Features”

Then locate our MS Office installation, right-click on it and choose, “Change”:

Then select Repair and select Continue.

Once the repair has completed, then restart your machine and open up MS Outlook.  Then, go into QuickBooks and try the edit/preferences instructions above and that option should be available.  Make sure to put a checkmark in the checkbox that says, “Don’t ask me to confirm my preference every time I print invoices.”

Let me know if this works for you!

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