Can’t print PDFs from QuickBooks 2007?

When attempting to email an invoice to a customer, Quickbooks Premier 2008 locked up…

If you are using QuickBooks Premier and cannot email invoices out, it may be one of several problems:

  1. You cannot connect to the internet.
  2. You don’t have a login setup for using QuickBooks online services (Free for emailing invoices).
  3. You cannot use the pdf printer provided with QuickBooks.

Today, I am going to provide information about the 3rd possibility. If you are not able to email invoices because of a problem with the QuickBooks PDF Converter, then here is what to do.

First of all, how do you know if your QuickBooks PDF Converter isn’t working?

Try this: Open up a report (any QuickBooks report from the report menu will do) and go to the file menu and click on, “Save as PDF”. If your QuickBooks program freezes up or an error message pop’s up, then you know that the reason you cannot email your documents is because of your QuickBooks PDF Converter which is what documents need to be created as prior to emailing.


Find out what release of QuickBooks you are using. (ctrl + 1) or “F2” will work. If it isn’t release 8, simply download the file to a known directory (I usually create a “Download” directory on the “C” drive and create a subdirectory for each download. That way I always know where to find them).

Then, delete your QuickBooks PDF Converter from the printer list in Windows. (Go to the control panel and then click on “Printers”.

Next, run the QuickBooks PDF Converter by double-clicking on the downloaded program and it will ask you to install. Make sure QuickBooks is closed and install the update.

Once completed, open QuickBooks and answer ,”Yes” to the option of upgrading your software. The installation will then be completed and you should be able to now print the pdf and email out invoices.

The computer that had this problem was a 64-bit Turion processor machine.

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