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Understanding QuickBooks Payroll Options – QB Services

  Searching for QuickBooks Desktop Payroll… It’s confusing. A search for QuickBooks Payroll results in QuickBooks Online Payroll, and the search for the desktop versions is tedious. There’s certainly a place for Online Payroll, but sometimes we want the desktop version, which doesn’t just integrate with your desktop QuickBooks, but is a part of it. […]



QuickBooks Guide – Entering overtime payroll items on the employee record

Enter overtime payroll items on the employee record If an employee has more than one overtime rate Create a separate Overtime Pay payroll item for each type of overtime. For example, if any of your employees earn both time-and-a-half and double-time, create separate payroll items for both so that you can assign the appropriate multiplier […]

QuickBooks Settings: Controlling How Payroll Works

The Payroll & Employees Preferences set includes only Company Preferences. The Company Preferences tab is shown the image below. The QuickBooks Payroll Features radio buttons let you tell QuickBooks how you want to handle payroll: using an outside payroll service such as Intuit Complete Payroll (select Complete Payroll Customers in this case), using QuickBooks payroll […]

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