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QuickBooks 17.0 Problem Resolved

Lately, QuickBooks 2017 and QuickBooks Enterprise 17.0 has been quite slow for many of my customers.  Thankfully, Intuit has got right on that and released R5 which has dealt with that issue. Make sure you update your QuickBooks Accounting software to get the benefits of this update ASAP. Open your QuickBooks software Update QuickBooks Make sure […]

QuickBooks Desktop Security Threat Update

Description: Intuit has identified, and is implementing an update to address a security vulnerability in QuickBooks desktop software. This has no impact on QuickBooks Online. Detailed Instructions: For supported versions of QuickBooks desktop, Intuit has begun the process of proactively notifying customers of the steps required to install an update, which is designed to address […]

QuickBooks 2016 R5 Released

Intuit released the QuickBooks 2016 R5 update for the U.S. version of QuickBooks. This is available as a manual update from the Intuit support website. I’m not sure when it will go out as an automatic update. I haven’t had a chance to test this yet. You may want to wait a week to see […]

QuickBooks 2012 R16 Released

Intuit has released the QuickBooks 2012 R16 update for the U.S. version of QuickBooks. This is available as a manual update from the Intuit support web site. I’m guessing that the automatic update won’t occur until a bit later, although I’m not sure about that. This may be one of the last updates to QuickBooks […]

QuickBooks 2014 Features: Customize Checks, Bills and Credit Card Charges

Customize Checks, Bills and Credit Card Charges Here’s an interesting change that is available only in Enterprise – the ability to do a small degree of customization to the on-screen transaction form for checks, bills and credit card charges. It is a nice addition for some situations (mainly job costing). These three transaction forms have, […]

QuickBooks 2014 Features: Changes in Installation and Product Registration

Changes in Installation and Product Registration Many of us have an online “Intuit ID” account. It is used in different places, such as in the Intuit App Center where you can see the App Center applications that you subscribe to, and other Intuit services. This was discussed in my article on the Client Collaborator as […]

QuickBooks 2014 Features: Add/Edit Multiple List Entries

Add/Edit Multiple List Entries There are a number of additional columns for some of the lists used in feature. These mostly related to new features in inventory for Enterprise, such as Site Max, Margin and Markup. It is always nice to have additional columns to work with. A more interesting addition is the search within […]

QuickBooks 2014 Feature: Fit to Height

Fit to Height We’ve had a Fit report to x pages wide option report printing for some time now in QuickBooks. It is useful if you have a report that is wider than one page – it will shrink the report to fit on one page horizontally. Let me give you an example of how […]

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 13.0 Windows Release 8(R8) – All Editions

I just received an update from Intuit regarding QuickBooks and wanted to give everyone a rundown of what is included in it. Here is how to update your QuickBooks program so the R8 update can take place for single user licenses.  Close QuickBooks and reopen QuickBooks. At the prompt to install the update now, choose […]