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QuickBooks POS: Customer Preferences

Designate The Functionality of your Customer List: Customer preferences allow you to specify if you want so share customer information with your QuickBooks financial software and if you want to require that a customer be recorded on all sales. Recording customers on sales allows you to offer customer-specific discounts, use charge accounts, and to build […]

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QuickBooks POS: Splitting Payment

Split Payments including Credit Cards Holidays are always a time of endearment. Showing the ones you love that you’ve listened when he/she said they would love to have this, or could see themselves with that. Occasionally, you have the customer that desires an item, but maybe doesn’t want to put the entire amount on one […]

QuickBooks POS: Customer Ratings

Creating Customer Ratings   Customer ratings provide a graphical ranking of your customers based on profit realized or total dollar sales volume over a specified time period.Only the Server Workstation can change the ratings preferences. 1.) On the Home page, select Company Preferences under the Preferences key towards the bottom right. 2.) Go to Ratings and Trends towards the bottom of the […]

QuickBooks Point of Sale: Delete Customer Records

To delete customers: Select the customer record or records you wish to delete in your customer list. Select Delete from the I Want To menu. Point of Sale will alert you if a selected customer cannot be deleted. If prompted, confirm the deletion and specify if you want to delete the customer(s) from your QuickBooks […]

QuickBooks Point of Sale: Add a Customer

Note: If you have accessed this topic after copying a customer record, start with Step 2. Edit the information brought from the copied record as needed. It is helpful to be consistent when entering customer information. Consistently using the same data format makes it easier to sort, search, and look up customer records. To add […]

QuickBooks Point of Sale Help: Write Customer Letters from POS

Point of Sale provides Microsoft Word integration for writing letters to customers and vendors. The letters can include data from the customer and vendor records as well as from documents made for the customer or vendor. A variety of letter templates is provided for your use. You can customize the provided templates and create more […]

QuickBooks POS: Customer Rewards Overview

What parts of a transaction qualify for Customer Rewards? Inventory, Service, Non-inventory, Group, Assembly Earns Rewards: Yes Redemption: Yes Sales Tax Earns Rewards: No Redemption: No Shipping Charges Earns Rewards: No Redemption: No Gift card/certificate purchase Earns Rewards: No Redemption: No Gift card/certificate redemption Earns Rewards: No Impact Redemption: No Impact Charges to customer account Earns Rewards: No impact Redemption: No impact Payments on customer account Earns […]

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Merge Duplicate Customers in Point of Sale

Occasionally, you may find that a customer has been entered twice in your customer list. This might happen, for example, if an associate spells the name slightly different when looking up the customer, and believing the customer isn’t in the list, adds them again with the different spelling. Merging the customer records combines the sales […]