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QuickBooks Point of Sale: Price Changes

How to Change Prices:   1.) From the home page, select Reminders from the Inventory menu.   2.) Select one of the available tabs. Price Changes Tab The Price Change reminders screen displays both the old price and new price when item prices change. Your regular price and the prices at your other price levels are also displayed […]

QuickBooks POS: Adding your Logo to Sales Documents

Adding Your Logo: You may or may not remember that one store across from that one building that looked like what’s-her-name’s house, but you may remember their logo. Logos are the language of your company. they remind people that this is that store that looks like so-and-so’s house. You’re just as welcoming as any home, […]

QuickBooks POS: Rewards Manager

How To Set Your Rewards Giving your loyal customers a reward for their devotion to your company is not only a good idea, but a very wise investment back into your community. Nothing says “Relationship” from a store better than one that cares enough to give back. This can be expressed in many diverse ways […]

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Customize QuickBooks Point of Sale for Maximum Efficiency

To get the most out of your QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) system, we recommend you customize your interface to better reflect your company’s needs. When it’s time to ring up a customer, this will allow you to do so efficiently. QuickBooks Point of Sale Customizations After you have completed the setup interview in QuickBooks […]

QuickBooks POS: Use Custom Fields to Customize Point of Sale

You can specify custom field labels in POS for the four item description fields in inventory (Inventory Name, Inventory Description, Size, and Attribute). The field labels you specify are displayed throughout QuickBooks Point of Sale, on printed documents, and on reports.   Default Labels: The default labels for new users are Item Name, Item Description, […]

QuickBooks POS: Adding your Logo to Sales Documents

You can easily add your store logo to printed sales receipts,  gift receipts, customer orders, and other documents. You can even add several logos to Point of Sale and then switch between them for seasonal or holiday purposes. Pro users can add different logos to different documents using Print Designer. To add your logo to […]

Customize the Navigation Toolbar Buttons

Use this procedure to add or remove buttons on the navigation toolbar on the left of the Home Page, receipts, and vouchers. To add or remove navigation buttons: Right-click the button toolbar. Click Customize. Select the field for the button you’d like to add and click the right-arrow to move it to the selected fields […]

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QuickBooks POS: Customer Rewards Overview

What parts of a transaction qualify for Customer Rewards? Inventory, Service, Non-inventory, Group, Assembly Earns Rewards: Yes Redemption: Yes Sales Tax Earns Rewards: No Redemption: No Shipping Charges Earns Rewards: No Redemption: No Gift card/certificate purchase Earns Rewards: No Redemption: No Gift card/certificate redemption Earns Rewards: No Impact Redemption: No Impact Charges to customer account Earns Rewards: No impact Redemption: No impact Payments on customer account Earns […]