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QuickBooks POS: Add a New Time Entry

A Very Easy Guide To Recording Time Entries: Alright, let’s just say one of your employees forgot to enter their time during one of those last minute call-in days. Or, maybe they simply forgot to clock out, and you realize one of your cashiers has a 27 hour shift! Well, Here are some steps to […]

QuickBooks POS: Deleting An Employee Record

How To Delete An Employee   In the case where you may want or need to delete an employee from your records, here are some very easy steps to accomplish this task. For practical reasons, ¬†only the System Administrator can delete an employee, and you cannot delete the System Administrator. To delete an employee: 1). […]

QuickBooks POS: Add a New Security Group

You are not limited to the predefined security groups. You can create new security groups with your preferred security rights, and then assign them to your employees. To add a new security group: From the Employees menu, select Security. Select New Group from the window toolbar. In the New Group dialog, enter a unique name […]