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QuickBooks POS Will Not Start

QuickBooks POS Will Not Start when I attempt to launch it!  It doesn’t even give me an error message!  What’s up with that?  You may have run into the Windows 10 upgrade nightmare. What this article deals with: Windows 10 PC’s MS KB3194496 QuickBooks POS 12 not fully opening When this happens: You attempt to […]

Error Initializing QBPOS application Log

Error Initializing QBPOS Application Log usually also follows up with “…please contact Technical Support.  This error is a result of an incorrect writing to the user.config file normally due to a power outage/surge where the writing to the file was interrupted.  To repair this, simply do the following: Solution 1: Edit the contents of the QBPOS […]

QuickBooks POS: Troubleshoot Multi-Store Exchange

QuickBooks Point of Sale v10.0, 2013 (v11.0), and v12.0 Steps to follow when troubleshooting multi-store mailbag exchange issues: Check the Multi-Store Company Preferences section to ensure that stores are set up properly: Choose File > Preferences > Company. Select each of the sub preferences under Multi-Store and inspect the information in the right side to […]

QuickBooks Point of Sale: Error – 193, Primary key for dept keywords is not unique

Point of Sale: Error – 193, Primary key for dept keywords is not unique When attempting to send a mailbag from Headquarters to a remote store, or attempting to receive a mailbag at the remote store, you see the following error: Error – 193 Primary key for dept keywords is not unique. Why this is […]

Application update required, when opening Point of Sale

Application update required error shows when opening POS. After clicking Next, the screen freezes and your company file does not open. Error: Application Update Required, Intuit.RSG.QBPOSInterop.UpdateApplicationActionPage. How to fix it Solution 1: Ensure all Point of Sale updates are installed Click Exit on update screen. Choose Help and select Check for Software Updates. Allow Point […]

QuickBooks Point of Sale is requiring administrative privileges.

I try to log in and Point of Sale tells me that I need administrative privileges: Point of sale requiring administrative privileges has cropped up recently, here is an approach to help clear it up. The problem is that the user qbposdbsrv doesn’t have enough rights to launch the QBPOS database server. Without the database service running, […]

QuickBooks Point of Sale: An Invalid Password message is returned but there’s no login screen

Although there is no opportunity to enter a user name or password, when opening Point of Sale, one of the following messages is returned: Invalid Password Invalid username or password How to fix it Intuit recommends the following 2 solutions for this problem. The first solution may solve your problem, or you may need to […]

QuickBooks Point of Sale: Constant Contact Email Campaign Error

Some POS users are experiencing flashing screen at the “Create an E-mail Campaign” screen  Some POS users are experiencing a flashing screen at the “Create an E-mail Campaign” screen when using Constant Contact. The screen  will flash or hang at the final screen, and the campaign is not created. Workaround: Export Customer List to Excel […]

QuickBooks POS: Error 100 database server not found 08w01

When trying to open Point of Sale the following error is returned: Error 100 database server not found “08w01”. Why this is happening The computer may be low on system resources, or the Point of Sale Database Manager may not be running. How to fix it Click OK to the error and restart the computer. […]