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QuickBooks POS Will Not Start

QuickBooks POS Will Not Start when I attempt to launch it!  It doesn’t even give me an error message!  What’s up with that?  You may have run into the Windows 10 upgrade nightmare. What this article deals with: Windows 10 PC’s MS KB3194496 QuickBooks POS 12 not fully opening When this happens: You attempt to […]

QuickBooks Point of Sale: Run Verify Data (for data corruption)

The Verify Data function in the Point of Sale debug menu finds data damage in your company file: Transaction damage. List damage. SQL table structure damage But it can find only damage that it is programmed to find.   When should I run Verify? When you suspect data damage Missing data after installing an update […]

QuickBooks POS: Scan Tracking Confirmation from UPS or FedEx

Common Found Problem The one critical piece of functionality we need is the ability to scan the tracking confirmation from UPS or FedEx directly into QuickBooks and display it on the Point of Sale sales receipt. Can we do this? Answer Yes we can do this. The first thing we want to do is setup […]

QuickBooks POS: Use Custom Fields to Customize Point of Sale

You can specify custom field labels in POS for the four item description fields in inventory (Inventory Name, Inventory Description, Size, and Attribute). The field labels you specify are displayed throughout QuickBooks Point of Sale, on printed documents, and on reports.   Default Labels: The default labels for new users are Item Name, Item Description, […]

QuickBooks Point of Sale Help: Using Quick Find on the Home Page

The Home Page offers a Quick Find field to locate customers, inventory items, receipts, help, and more. You can scan an item or receipt bar codes into this field, or manually type customer names, document numbers, or any search keywords. As you type, the results are instantly displayed, broken down by record types. In the […]

QuickBooks POS Help: Add, Remove, & Rearrange Columns in Point of Sale

Add, remove, or rearrange the columns in a Point of Sale list. This information applies to item, customer, sales history, receiving history, department, vendor, employee, customer order, purchase order, transfer history, and adjustment history lists. To customize list columns: Right-click on any list column header. From the popup menu, select either: Adjust Column Width to […]

QuickBooks Point of Sale Help: Sort & Scroll Record Lists

Record lists can be sorted in either ascending or descending order by the information in the column or columns you choose. There are two list types in Point of Sale, with slightly different capabilities. Choose the list type you are working with for more information: Item, Customer, Sales History, or Receiving History lists This information […]

Don't Reinstall for License

QuickBooks POS: Change license key without reinstalling

So, here is a nice little trick so you don’t have to uninstall and reinstall the entire QuickBooks Point of Sale in order to change the License Key Number. All you have to do is go to your Windows Control Panel and Repair the installation of QuickBooks POS. Here are instructions on how to do-so in the different […]