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QuickBooks POS: Customer Purchase History

Viewing Customer Purchase History   Customer loyalty is the result of consistently positive emotional experiences, physical attribute-based satisfaction and perceived value of an experience, which includes the product or services. We all love our loyal customers, and we typically know them by name or by face, but do you remember what they bought back in December? […]

How to take tips in QuickBooks Point of Sale

Collect Tips on Sales: Your customer can add a tip to the total amount.   Turn on Tips to show the Add Tip button on the Signature page.   Go to File menu>Preferences>Company>Sales>Receipt Tendering> put check mark in box next to “Collect customers tips on credit, account, and gift card transactions”> click Save (receiving tips and paying tips […]

QuickBooks Point of Sale: Paying for Expenses from the Cash Drawer

In QuickBooks Point of Sale how do I properly show a payout when I pay for expenses out of the cash drawer? This is a great question and is actually quite easy if you follow a few simple steps. It’s important to know good internal controls are imperative if the cash drawer is going to […]

QuickBooks Point of Sale: Add Custom Discount Names

How do I add customized Discount Names to track discount by category or event? This can be very important since we run several promotions throughout the year. Answer This is a great question so hopefully we can provide an easy solution. In POS V12 click on the Inventory drop-down menu and then choose Price Manager. In […]

QuickBooks POS: Consignment transactions

Detailed instructions Point of Sale was not designed to track consignment transactions, however, you can use some of its features to handle consignment items manually. Track consignment items using Purchase Orders More thorough (Pro and Pro Multi-store only) Important: To record these transactions you will need QuickBooks Point of Sale Pro or Multi-store.   Step […]

QuickBooks POS: Give a Discount

There are several ways to discount a sale. Click the discount type you wish to learn about? Manual item discount Manual item discounts are applied to line items and are always given against the active price level. To manually discount an item on a receipt: Select an item being sold on the receipt and then […]

QuickBooks Point of Sale: Make a Sale

  To Make a Sale Select Make a Sale button or the Make a Sale icon within the Navigator. In the Scan or enter item information drop-down box, scan or type item information to search for the item being sold. Scan the bar code from the item tag. Type the item’s UPC, Item #, or […]

Credit Cards in Wallet

QuickBooks POS – Process a credit card in Point of Sale

QuickBooks POS Version 10 and Above Choose Point of Sale > New Sales Receipt. Enter items on the receipt and then click Credit. Select a credit card entry method: Swipe – Swiping the card may qualify your sale for the lowest rate, and is proof the card was present at the time of the sale. Manual – If […]

QuickBooks POS: Copy and Correct a Reversed Receipt

This procedure typically follows reversing a saved receipt. Copying and correcting a reversed receipt allows you to adopt the parts of the original receipt that you want to keep, and edit the parts that were inaccurate, to make a new, correct receipt. To copy and correct a receipt: Reverse the original receipt (select the link […]

Receipt Paper

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QuickBooks POS: Notes on Reversing Receipts of Specific Payment Methods

When you reverse a sales receipt, the reversing receipt created is a return receipt. The amounts taken in payment on the original receipt are returned as change (on paper) to the customer as credits on the return receipt. In this way, the accounting is automatically corrected along with the other changes you make on the […]