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QuickBooks Online: Create a Purchase Order

Entering A Purchase Order   1.   Choose Plus Sign Icon > Purchase Order. If you don’t see this, click Show more at the bottom. 2.   Use the Vendor/Supplier drop-down arrow to select or add a vendor/supplier 3.   If shipping a product directly to a customer instead of to yourself, use the Ship […]

QuickBooks Online: Add Users

If you’ve got other people in your company who need to use your QuickBooks, you can add them and give them specific access.   Navigate to the Manage Users Menu From the home screen, click on the Gear Menu and beneath the column heading “Your Company” select the Manage Users tab.   Open New User […]

QuickBooks Online: How To Turn On Purchase Orders

How To Turn On Purchase Orders   1.  Click the Gear icon > Company Settings (or Account and Settings depending on what you see).   2.  Click Expenses > Edit the Purchase Orders section.   4.  Select the Use purchase orders checkbox > Click Save.   Don’t have QuickBooks Online? Ask a Question Customer Portal Remember me Submit […]

QuickBooks Online: Learn Basic Navigation

This video shows you where to find everything you need to use QuickBooks with confidence. Learn where to go to create common things like invoices and sales receipts, where to see all your customers’ info, and where to find your company settings and other QuickBooks features.   Navigation Bar The Navigation Bar is where you […]

Custom Template

Recent Changes to QuickBooks Online Template Customization

In the past, customizing invoice templates in QuickBooks Online was sort of hard to find – and then sort of hard to actually customize. In the latest release, things have changed, and while it’s not exactly what many users have been asking for, I believe the new interface makes things a little easier to manage. […]