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All my icons are the same. What do I do?

So I had a customer who had every application on her machine trying to use the same application to open.  So all of her icons on her desktop and in her start menu had the same icon.  After trying to connect to her PC for about an hour, finally I was able to use […]

What the --

Gift Card Problems

QuickBooks POS Gift Card Error

When attempting to process gift card payments or purchases, you get the message, “An error occurred when communicating with the processing gateway”. This is happening frequently this weekend and Intuit is hoping to have it fixed by Monday, Sept 23rd.  Keep coming to our website for updates. Tired of your merchant problems, give us a […]

Massive Bluehost outage affects thousands of sites

Bluehost is down. The web hosting company started experiencing technical problems last night, following some botched maintenance. Thousands of sites are down with it and Twitter is ablaze with bloggers from all corners of the world moaning about the outage and threatening to dump Bluehost for good. This is not the only issue irking customers. Despite […]


Repairing corrupted data files in QuickBooks 1

If  you expect that your data file may be corrupt, the best first choice is to contact QB Services who will perform a data analysis on your company file.  However, if you are a “do-it-yourselfer”, than you can try the following steps: Resort all of your sortable QuickBooks lists. Run the Rebuild Data File utility. […]

QB Enterprise 2013 R4 and earlier Crashes Unexpectedly

There have been several customers who are using QB Enterprise 2013 who have reported that QuickBooks will simply shut down without any notice. You will be working on something and “Boom”, no program open. Sometimes you might get an error message as well.

This issue has been fixed with the R5 download. So please update your QuickBooks application ASAP.