QuickBooks POS: General Company Preferences

The General Page contains preference settings affecting general program usage, rather than a specific area, including the ability to remove features you do not wish to use.



General Options

Require users to sign in

R = Require users to login to Point of Sale using the login names and passwords you have assigned.

Only the System AdministratorClick to display a popup topic can change this setting after it has been turned on.

Changing this setting requires that a System Administrator password be entered and that all open windows be closed before saving.

Automatically log out users after each sale

R = Automatically logs out the current user upon saving a receipt (if users are required to log in).

Warn when editing documents, items, or customers

R = Confirm edits to documents, items, or customers before carrying out the action.

Warn when deleting documents, items, or customers

R = Confirm deletions of documents, items, or customers before carrying out the action.

Bring back all one time messages

Selecting DO NOT SHOW ME AGAIN from a Point of Sale message prevents that particular message from being displayed. Selecting this preference brings back all such messages. This option is then cleared. You may have to close and re-open currently open windows for the messages to show up.

Select features to use

R = Select the checkboxes for features you use in Point of Sale. Clear the checkboxes to remove a feature. Related icons, menu options, and information fields are removed from Point of Sale screens. Return here at anytime to change your choices.

Changing these settings may require you to close any open windows in related areas before saving.

(Pro) Some choices are interdependent, e.g., if you choose to use customer orders, then customer tracking is a required feature.

Data Safeguard

R = By default, a backup is made of your company file once per day when you exit Point of Sale on the Server Workstation. Change this selection to create a backup at a scheduled time instead. Read the information in the help sidebar about requirements for scheduled backups.Learn more.

(Pro) Include item images… Select the checkbox to include item images in your backup file. This option may greatly increase the time to create and size of your backup file.

Store Info


Store headings are printed across the top of documents.

Enter information in the following fields:Store Name, Street, City, State, ZIP, andMiscellaneous 1-3.


R = Select the checkbox and then clickSpecify to add one or more logos. Select one of the added logos to print on sales documents. Adding multiple logos lets you switch between them quickly.

(Pro) You can use Print Designer to print different logos on different documents.

My Field Labels

Field Labels

You can define the field labels for the four item description fields. The field labels you specify are displayed throughout the program, on printed documents, and on reports.

Choose Restore to Defaults at the bottom of the page to return all labels to the program default values.

(Pro) You can also define labels for thecustom fields available on customer, vendor, item, and employee records. If integrated with QuickBooks financial software, the information in customer and vendor custom fields is shared, provided they are named exactly the same in both programs.

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