QuickBooks POS: Sales Preferences

Sales preferences allow you to define various options related to sales transactions.

The Sales page covers the general sales preferences. Other sales preferences are discussed on sub-pages (select a link for instructions).

Discounts – define and optionally require manual item discount reasons

Receipt message – printed on every sales receipt

Shipping – list of shipping providers

Receipt tendering – payment options

Sales – General



Order to display full name field

Choose the order in which to display/print customer names on receipts.

Example: A record has Sara in the Firstfield, Edward in the Last field, and Ms. in the Title field. If you choose to display the name as last, title, first, Point of Sale will print the name as Edwards, Ms. Sara.

Require a promotional code entry

R = Requires an entry in the Promo Code field on a receipt before payment can be accepted and the document saved. This field facilitates filtering for viewing or reporting purposes.

(Pro) This also applies to customer orders.

Require a manual media count for X/Z-Out

R = If selected, associates are required to manually count each denomination of currency when running a Z-Out Drawer Count report.

When printing group item on receipt or customer order (Pro)

Select to print the group item price only, the individual component item prices only, or both. Default is to print individual item prices only.

Open Cash Drawer

R = Select the payment types that will open an attached, compatible cash drawer. Defaults: Cash, Check.

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