Computer shutting down without reason

Sometimes I run across computers that shut down without any reason. Users will be working on their PC and all of the sudden, for no apparent reason, the PC shuts down. Users will start their PC again and then, after a while, it simply shuts down with no error message or anything; almost like the power went out. Why does this happen? There could be many reasons, however, the solution I would like to propose first is to clean out your PC. That’s right, your PC may have so much dust and/or hair inside that it basically cannot cool itself down enough. So then what happens is that your PC has an internal heat sensor that when it gets to a certain temperature, it simply will shut down your PC without asking any questions. Rude, but effective in protecting your system from damage due to overheating. To solve this problem, simply open up your PC and clean it out.

If you system will not restart after proper cooling time, it might be that your power supply is out and needs replacement. Usually, when it is your power supply, you will attempt to boot your PC and it will simply do nothing. Your power supply usually will look like it might start and the fan may move a slight amount but then it quits. The good news is that all your data should be okay, but you simply need to go down to your PC store and purchase a new power supply. To get the correct one you can either bring down the old one or get the model number, voltage, etc. and bring it with you to the store. Once you replace it, you should be able to boot your machine like nothing ever happened.

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