QuickBooks POS iPad: Creating Combos

Dynamic combos allow a combination of items from different kinds of products to be rung up for a set price. You may be more familiar with the terminology “Group Product” from the Windows version of QuickBooks Point of Sale For example, combo #2 allows for one kind sandwich, one kind side, and one kind drink. Within the combo #2 screen, it will display all the different sandwiches available for the combo and so forth.

Creating the Combo in Management Console

All the necessary product items need to be created initially. The combo item itself will also be a product with a set price.

Step A: Create the Combo Product

  1. Log into Revel Management Console
  2. Select Products -> Products
  3. Create the combo product with the price


Step B: Set the combo product as a “combo” product

  1. Enter the combo product’s details by selecting the “pencil”
  2. Check mark “Display/Print Options” or type in “Combo” in the search
  3. Enable “Is combo
  4. Select “Save” at top right


Step C: Assign the Combo Product Sets

  1. Select “+ Add New Combo Product Set” to create first combo product
  2. Type in the product set name
  3. Enter and select all the items belonging to the first combo set (i.e sandwiches)
    1. Or enter in the product group as oppose to entering each individual product. Learn more about product groups here.
  4. Repeat Steps 1 -3 for remaining product sets (i.e combo set for salad options, combo set for drink options
  5. Select the “Combo Savings Product Set” for which the discount is placed onto. (In order to achieve the price savings offered by the combo, one of the products will be repriced.)
  6. Select “Save” at the top right


Ringing in Combo Product on iPad POS

  1. Ring in the combo product on the iPad POS Platform
  2. Select one product from each product combo set
  3. Hit “Add to Order” when finished


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