QuickBooks POS: Custom List Information Panels

When a Point of Sale list is in collapsed format, the right side of the window is called the information panel. The information displayed is for the selected record in the collapsed list to the left and varies depending on the record type.

  • The bottom half of the information panel typically includes a history for the selected record or, in the case of a document, the list of items that were included in the transaction. Other information may appear for some record types. This information is often presented in report format and some report viewing options are available.

  • The top portion of the information panel, shown below, contains specific information fields from the selected record and task buttons that can be customized by adding, removing, or rearranging the fields to best suit your information needs.


Customize List Info Panels

To customize a list information panel:

  1. Select the Customize this window link at the bottom-right of the panel.

  2. In the window displayed:

  • Drag and drop fields and task buttons to position them where you want.

  • To add a field or button, drag it from the Available Fields area to the panel at the top. To remove a field, drag it down to the Available Fields area or press <Delete> on your keyboard.

  • Each panel column is split into two sub-columns. When placing data fields in a column, the field label is on the left and the actual data on the left. You can drag the separator (dotted line) between right and left sub-columns to change their relative widths. Right-clicking in a cell brings up a menu with other options, such as text alignment.

  1. Select Apply to implement your changes.

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