Export Data from QuickBooks Online to Desktop 2

If you’re looking to export your data from QuickBooks Online, here’s a quick visual guide for you to use.

If you’re having trouble installing the ActiveX control or getting error messages, or for more information on export, see KB 1077.

Step 1:  Choose Company > Export Data:


Choose Company > Export Data.





Step 2:  Click to install the ActiveX control.  If the Install button is grayed-out, skip ahead to step 5:

Click to install ActiveX







Step 3:  Confirm ActiveX installation:


Confirm the installation








Step 4:  Click Continue:


Click continue







Step 5:  Start the export interview:


Click export interview link






Step 6:  Select data to import:

Select how much data to export









Step 7:  Select your version of QuickBooks desktop edition:














Step 8:  Read and approve special conditions.  Important:  This step tells you how your data will be changed after the export!

carefully read and select special conditions








Step 9:  Enter contact information:

Enter contact information










Step 10:  Complete export request:

Click OK





You’ll be getting an email with steps to complete the export conversion within 24 hours.  After you receive it, follow those steps to open the file in your QuickBooks desktop edition:

Step 1:  Go to your company Home page in QuickBooks Online:

Click home icon





Step 2:  Click the task (or thing to do) to download the company file you created:

Click the task







Step 3:  Choose the option to move your data to a desktop version of QuickBooks Online.  Please note that clicking on this doesn’t cancel your subscription; you have to do that within the QuickBooks Online product:


click to select moving data











Step 4:  Make sure you have enough time to complete the download.  Read the warnings and click Next:

Click Next






Step 5:  Click Download:


Click Download





Step 6:  A pop-up window will appear and ask you where you’d like to save the file (we suggest Desktop).  Name the file and click Save:


Name the file and click Save








Step 7:  You don’t need to start QuickBooks desktop edition unless you have more than one version installed on your computer.  If so, start the version you want to use and make sure you close all companies and windows in it..  Now clickConvert:


Click Convert






Step 8:  Save the file in the same directory where you installed QuickBooks desktop.  If you’re having trouble finding it,here’s a chart that will help.


Save the file in the directory where you installed QuickBooks desktop.










Step 9:  The conversion process will now begin and you’ll see a status bar.  If the status bar isn’t moving, you probably need to allow access to your QuickBooks desktop edition.  If so, minimize all your windows or click on the QuickBooks desktop edition application on your taskbar:


If popup window is frozen, minimize windows and allow access












Step 10:  When you’ve located the certificate, click Yes, prompt each time or Yes, this time then click Continue:


Click yes, prompt each time and continue














Step 11:  You’ll get a pop-up window confirming that you’ve granted access.  Click Done:


Click Done.










Step 12:  There’s some final steps to read through which give you advice about how to proceed with the conversion, including confirming that your data successfully converted.  Read through and perform the final steps as desired then click Finished:


Read final steps and click finished








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