Fixing QuickBooks Gmail Problems

When you are working with QuickBooks desktop products you usually have several options for email integration: Web Mail, Outlook and QuickBooks E-mail. If you are using Google Gmail, you want to select the Web Mail option, but some people can’t get it to work with Gmail. Here’s a way to resolve that problem for most Gmail users.


QuickBooks Email Options

You might not always see all three options for email in your QuickBooks desktop preferences. Some versions of QuickBooks don’t provide all three, and even if you have a version that supports all three you might not see all of the options on some particular computer installations.

  • Outlook support is only available if you have installed Microsoft Outlook locally on your computer, and sometimes there are issues with the Windows Registry that prevent it from showing as an option. It is my preferred email integration, as it provides you with the greatest degree of control.
  • QuickBooks E-mail is my least favorite. It depends on Intuit mail servers and they don’t offer the best features. Also, since the release of QuickBooks 2011 you can only use this if you are paying for some other Intuit service (like payroll, or the ProAdvisor program).
  • Web Mail was introduced in QuickBooks 2011 and it lets you connect to Google Gmail, Yahoo email, or your own web-based email service.


Setting Up Google Gmail in QuickBooks

Before we talk about the problem that you may run into with QuickBooks and Gmail, let’s first talk about how to set it up.

If you wish to use Gmail to send forms and reports from QuickBooks desktop products, select Edit in the main menu, then Preferences.

Select the Send Forms preference, and the My Preferences tab. Choose the Web Mail option, and click the Add button.



In the dialog window that pops up you will enter your full Gmail address, then select Gmail from the Email Provider dropdown list. QuickBooks will automatically fill in the SMTP Server Details for you. Click OK to save this, and your address will be added to the E-Mail IDs list.



Click OK to close the Preferences window. You are all set, other than entering your Gmail account password, which you will do the first time that you use QuickBooks to email a form or report.


Sending an Invoice with Gmail

Now that we are set up, it should be a simple thing to send an invoice to a client using our Gmail account.

I’ve created my invoice, for a customer that has a valid email address in their customer record. I’ll click the Email button to send this invoice now.



That opens the Send Invoice dialog window, showing my Gmail address, the customer’s email address, and a preview of the content in case I want to make some changes. Note that you can have multiple web mail accounts set up, and then choose them from the From dropdown list.



Once everything is OK, just click the Send button. Since this is the first time that I’ve used this account, I’ll be asked to provide the Gmail account password. QuickBooks will remember this so that I don’t have to enter it each time I send a form.



Click OK and the invoice should be sent to the client using my Gmail account. Simple!


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