How to access the Weight, Height, Length and Width fields in POS

The only way to view the weight, length, width and height are to go into list view, right-click on the header and click, “customize columns” and add them respectfully to the column list. They are used in conjunction with the Web interface (no longer available) and I believe that the shipping manager grabs that data when you ship via that interface. You can edit those amounts as follows:

While in list mode, you can click the down arrow found on the “List Edit” dropdown and click on, “turn list edit on”. Then you may edit all of the above. You can also add the custom field, “Inventory Custom Field 2” or “Weight” from the “Edit/Preferences/Company Preferences” and under, “General/My Custom Fields” screen. However, the other dimensions are not available linked to these fields so I wouldn’t bother with that.

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