All my icons are the same. What do I do?

So I had a customer who had every application on her machine trying to use the same application to open.  So all of her icons on her desktop and in her start menu had the same icon.  Icons_Are_The_SameAfter trying to connect to her PC for about an hour, finally I was able to use and start a session from which I had to walk her through the various steps to correct the problem:  This is finally what I came up with:

  • Start (click)
  • search programs (click)
  • Regedit (you need to write this and open it)
  • Go to the following item by opening each directory in the following order:HKEY_CURRENT_USER\
      • Software\
        • Microsoft\
          • Windows\
            • CurrentVersion\
              • Explorer\
                • FileExts\
                  • .lnk(you need to find these sub-folder by clicking through the keys)
  • Locate and select the “UserChoice” folder. Do not open the folder.
  • Go to the Edit Menu and select “Delete” or use the “Delete key on your keyboard.
  • Close and restart windows

Once you restart your computer, you should be able to see all your icons re-associated with their correct corresponding programs.  Let us know if this worked for you!

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