Intuit Merchant Services Is Not Working

Customers please note:


There was a massive power outage in the San Diego Data Center last night which had an impact on many systems across Intuit and we are having ongoing impacts on several systems including QuickBase and reporting. Please be patient while IT works to ensure everything is back on line and working as expected. Sorry for any inconvenience this is causing you.The current known applications still impacted are as follows:

    • eStore and vanity URLs
    • Order Services
    • QuickBase
    • Intuit websites
    • Possibly Field Service Management
  • Merchant Service processing is hit or miss as well. Some clients can process credit card transactions and some can’t.

Intuit does not have an ETA on a fix but I can assure you they are doing everything they can to correct the situation.  I will post something here when I get a “All Clear” from Intuit.

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