Markdown Price Levels: Use price levels to offer different prices for different purposes or to different groups of customers

Markdown Price Levels

Point of Sale can maintain up to four price levels in addition to your regular price for each item in inventory (i.e., five separate prices). Price levels are markdowns from your regular price.

Use price levels to offer different prices for different purposes or to different groups of customers. Common uses for price levels include:

  • To offer reduced prices to employees, family members, and VIP customers

  • For wholesale sales

  • For special sales, e.g., “10% Off Sale” (Price Manager offers more flexibility for this.)

A typical price level setup and the prices at each level might look like this:

  Price Levels

Your price level markdowns are applied and the price at each level recalculated anytime your regular price is changed, either manually or when Point of Sale applies its pricing formula. On the other hand, editing the price or markdown percentage of any of your markdown price levels has no effect on any other price.

How do I define price levels?

You define price level names and default markdown percentages in company preference.


Enter a name and default markdown percentage for each level you wish to use, and specify the default price to suggest for all sales. Your default price can be your regular price or one of your markdown price levels.


(Pro)  Each store can specify its own default sales price.

  • The price level markdowns you specify are defaults. They are applied to new items added to inventory, but the markdowns and price at any price level can be manually editd on an item-by-item basis by selecting Pricing from the Edit Inventory Item window

  • You can define a price level price to be a markup from your regular price by entering a negative markdown value.

  • Changing your default price level markdowns does not update existing item prices.

  • To update prices for a single item, edit the prices or markdown percentages directly in the Pricing window on the item record. If you want to update prices for many or all your items, we recommend using Price Manager.


    *(Pro) If you use multiple units of measure, you can set separate prices for each price level for each unit of measure. Select the unit of measure for which you want to view or change price levels from the drop-down list at the top of the Pricing window.

    *(Pro) Using Print Designer, you can specify which price is printed on your price tags.

How Do I set these discounts to my customers?

Go to your Customer List>Edit>Discount

Discount button


Select “use a markdown price level for this customer” and use the drop down to select the right price level

Discount discription

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