Minnetonka Orchards Enables Mobile Sales Army with QB Services

Minnetonka Orchards has been humming along for a number of years, using QuickBooks Point of Sale for several Cash Register Stations. Lowell Schaeper has been in the Orchard Business all his life, yet he could see that there had to be a better way for people to make purchases than making them all funnel and file into one small area. After all, Lowell had prospective customers roaming numerous acres of his Orchard Land.

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Sales Sore Spots

  • How could Lowell sell admission at the multiple points of entry to his land and keep track of it?
  • How could he expand his food vending services to multiple locations and have it accounted for?
  • How could he make possible greater retail opportunities?

Sales Enablers

Minnetonka Orchards teamed up with Central Region Point of Sale Leaders QB Services to roll out a mobile Point of Sale army. Armed with two QuickBooks Point of Sale PC’s and nine Verizon Galaxy Tablets running Intuit GoPay, Minnetonka Orchards increased the surface area of their sales locations, while providing a more valuable convenience factor to traditional fun-seekers and annual orchard attendees. This season had an abrupt increase in pipeline performance, not to mention seamless financial transfers into QuickBooks Accounting Software.

When looking for answers to the sore points of your sales flow, don’t forget to give QB Services a call.

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