Need a different QuickBooks POS Label?

Sometimes I get a customer who cannot find the correct size of label or the stuff they would like to see on the label that they need for their merchandise. For example, I saw in another post that someone needed to print out tiny barcodes to put on the cigars they sell. Well, the suggestions were to “fold over the flaps from the jewelry tags”. Here is my suggestion…

To create labels on either a specialized label printer or of a special size for QuickBooks POS I would take the following steps:
1) Get the ODBC driver for QuickBooks POS (You can purchase this from QB Services).
2) Use MS Excel or Access to create the labels.


You can also purchase WASP Label Maker which helps you create labels from QuickBooks, but you can also use it to access the POS directly as long as you purchase the above mentioned ODBC driver from Wasp: Wasp Labeler for QuickBooks or you can purchase it through QB Services as well.

Once you set up the ODBC connection, it’s simply a matter of picking what size label to use and finding which field in the QB POS database has it. You might want to have a short description and/or price as well, but, it’s up to you!

Hope this helps!

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