How to Open QuickBooks When It Will Not Open

ScaredOccasionally, QuickBooks users find themselves in a Catch-22: They need to restore a backup in QuickBooks, but they can’t get QuickBooks itself to open.

This can happen if your company file got damaged during your last session in the program. Perhaps the power went off and your computer turned off without closing out QuickBooks first, or there was a network hiccup, or some other kind of hardware problem.

So the next time you run QuickBooks, QuickBooks automatically tries to open that data file. But if the company file is corrupted enough that it can’t be opened, then QuickBooks will give an error and shut down. What do you do then?


Here’s the workaround if this (unfortunately) happens to you:

  1. Simply hold the CTRL key down while you are launching QuickBooks.
  2. Doing so will bypass the automatic opening of your company file and put you at the No Company Open dialog box.
  3. You’ll then be able to click “Open or restore an existing company” and restore a good backup, if you have one.

(If not, give us a call at 1-888-255-9878; we can probably repair your damaged file.)

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