Why is a Point of Sale feature not available to me?

If a Point of Sale feature is not available to you, it may be due to one of the following reasons. Features not available may be grayed out or not displayed on your screen at all, depending on the specific reason. Select a link for more information on a particular setting or feature.

  • The level of Point of Sale (Free, Basic, or Pro) you have licensed doesn’t include that feature

  • You don’t have security rights to access that feature

  • You are on a Client Workstation, but the feature is available only on the Server Workstation

  • The feature has been turned off in company preferences

  • A related feature, required for the feature you are trying to use, is not available, has been turned off or not set up (e.g. to track charge accounts requires that you track customers, to require employees to log in and restrict their access requires a company preference setting to that effect, and to use customer orders requires you also have tracking customers turned on, etc.)

  • You are trying to use a Financial Exchange feature but your connection with QuickBooks has not been set up

  • You are at a remote store in a multi-store configuration and the feature is not available to remote stores

Important Note: New information fields, list columns, and report options may be added in support of new and enhanced features in Point of Sale upgrades and updates. In most cases, these new fields and options are automatically available to you. However, if you have customized your Point of Sale lists,  reports, or printed documents and tags, the new installation does not overwrite your customized layouts to add the new fields. If you plan to use a new feature, and the fields or options are not visible to you, you may need to further customize your layouts to add them or, in the case of reports, use theRevert option to reset to the default options and then re-memorize.

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