POS Customer Order Alert Screen

Customer Order Alert Screen

Powered by Revel Systems

customer-order-alertsThe Customer Order Alert Screen allows restaurant customers to see when their order is ready. With a clear, large visual display indicating when an order is up, customers will know their food is ready for pickup. The POS Customer Order Alert Screen builds engagement with customers, and also frees up the restaurant staff for other tasks.

pos-sys-coas-blue-300x258Restaurant owners and employees know how important it is for food to go out hot and in the right order. Busy kitchens have a lot to keep track of, and telling a customer his order is ready is just another factor. QuickBooks POS Customer Order Alert Screen allows restaurant staff to keep track of the details, making sure orders go out hot and on time. With this system, food service establishments are able to use the newest, sleekest technology to alert their clients once their food is ready.

Orders for pickup shouldn’t be a burden or hassle to the kitchen, and restaurant workers shouldn’t have to worry about locating the person who ordered takeout and telling him his order is ready. Revel allows restaurant workers to do their job and rest assured that pickup orders are going out on time and to the correct person. With the Customer Order Alert Screen, customers will be alerted via visual display as soon as their order is ready. This takes the burden off of the kitchen staff, allowing them to focus on continuing to turn out hot, delicious food.

Running a restaurant or business off of a complete iPad point of sale and the Customer Order Alert Screen is a sleek and modern update on a traditional shop. And as a totally wireless and paperless system, it is also more efficient and environmentally friendly. Your Customer Order Alert Screen will operate off Samsung Smart TVs, like Revel’s Digital Menu Boards. Like all Revel hardware, the Digital Menu Board integrates seamlessly with the point of sale, and arrives preconfigured, saving you precious time that can be spent running your business.

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