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Customer-Facing Kiosk POS System for iPad

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Customers can place orders, select modifiers, and add coupons or discounts all on the customer-facing kiosk POS. Draw them in with the sleek look of the iPad, and use high resolution photos to promote up-sells and order extra items. Increase business efficiency by giving customers the option for self-service. Paired with a number of digital menu boards, your business will draw potential customers in with the engaging point of sale experience. The customer-facing kiosk POS system makes ordering easy and interactive for patrons, and saves time while reducing labor costs.

Talk to Someone About Your Needs

Welcome screen on the QuickBooks iPad POS Kiosk.

Easily customize orders by adding or removing modifiers.

Customers can easily select their desired payment method.

Sample screen for retail

Sample menu on the iPad POS Kiosk.

Key Benefits

blue_arrowlist Once the order is placed, it is instantly sent to the Revel Kitchen Display System.

blue_arrowlist Engage customers, drive sales, and ultimately benefit the bottom line.

blue_arrowlist The kiosk is completely self-sufficient so business owners can reduce labor costs and improve efficiency.

blue_arrowlist Updated matrix inventory feature enables customers to easily select item size and color.

blue_arrowlist Customers can select payment method of choice, which includes credit, cash, gift cards, or PayPal™.

Innovative Features

blue_arrowlist Intelligent reporting allows you to filter by Kiosk POS System to optimize placement and view comparative reporting.

blue_arrowlist Interact with customers and boost your business’s productivity with Digital Signage Software.

blue_arrowlist PCI Compliance ensures every transaction is safely secured.

blue_arrowlist If the Internet is slow or completely down, your local network will operate without any issues or interruptions with Always on Mode.