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Retail Point of Sale that Fits You and Your Business

Whether your retail shop is run through a website, single storefront, or multiple brick and mortar locations, the Revel Systems iPad Retail POS has the features and flexibility to accommodate your needs. Give your customers a modern checkout experience that is quick, visually appealing, and interactive with their mobile devices. Revel’s intuitive UI makes it easy for employees to do everything from finding products and performing price checks to redeeming gift cards and loyalty program rewards.

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Revel’s iPad Retail point-of-sale offers an extensive suite of features and reports, enabling owners and managers to keep track of sales, retail industry trends, and inventory. Quickly analyze what products are doing well and make critical merchandising decisions. Keeping track of employee sales is also enhanced with aggregate or individual reports produced with a few finger taps. With all data being stored to the cloud, users have the ability to view, export and print reports 24/7.


The Revel Systems POS Setup at the retail shop Jammin’ On Haight in San Francisco, CA


The Revel Systems POS Matrix Inventory Interface for Retail Shops.


The Revel Systems POS Setup at Jammin’ On Haight, in San Francisco, CA

Key Retail POS Features:

blue_arrowlist Matrix inventory for easily locating items

blue_arrowlist Inventory management for up to the minute updates on what’s in stock

blue_arrowlist Employee scheduling: email schedules & receive color-coded confirmation when schedule is accepted

blue_arrowlist mPOS for on the floor sales and inventory check

blue_arrowlist Loyalty programs to keep track of loyal customers & to draw new clientele

Revel’s architecture is securitized with full PCI compliance and available through any web browsing device–creating a safe base for data that only owners and managers can access. Should the internet at your business ever go down, Revel’s Always On Mode maintains full functionality, ensuring that no sale is lost.

Revel Systems iPad Point of Sale is the ideal solution for lowering costs and optimizing efficiency. Helping you to keep up to date with the latest trends and technologies, Revel Retail POS creates a memorable shopping experience certain to bring customers back for more.

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