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Point of Sale Training

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craft storeArt Store Point of Sale Systems and Craft Store POS Systems have advanced to include nearly all areas of retail business from sales to inventory tracking and accounting. Data is tracked within the software enabling many types of reports to be generated with the press of a button. Integration with QuickBooks, the world’s leading small business accounting software is easily automated with our Art Store Point of Sale software (no taking figures out of your POS and putting it in your accounting software).

Retail Sales for the Arts and Craft industry were reported to be 30.2 billion in 2006 with $476 in average annual spending per crafting household. This is an increase of 1.2 billion since 2002 from studies conducted by the Craft & Hobby Association (CHA).

Retail Point of Sale technology has advanced to include nearly all areas of retail business from sales to inventory tracking and accounting. In our Arts and Craft Point of Sale System, real time inventory tracking reduces manual inventory counts and detailed inventory reports are available for top selling items, low stock, pending orders and more. Inventory counts can be performed remotely on barcoded and non-barcoded inventory items with hand held scanners and then synchronized with the Store POS register. If items do not come with manufacturer bar codes items can be looked up at the register by name from on screen menus or the POS Software can generate and print custom bar codes (UPCs).

Arts and Crafts POS Features Include:

  • Inventory tracking, reports and auto-purchase orders when stock is low
  • Automated purchase orders
  • Included loyalty programs, such as target-threshold rewards, gift-certificates, and Constant Contact integration.
  • Purchase orders can be automatically sent to a vendor when an items stock level reaches the reorder level.
  • Integrated accounting with Quickbooks and numerous exports to Microsoft Office formats.
  • UPC recognition and Barcode printing

This is a partial listing of the many features the Arts and Crafts Point of Sale software includes.