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Cigar Store Point of SaleIf you have a cigar shop, you could certainly enjoy a less tedious day by employing our Cigar Shop Point of Sale System. A Cigar Shop POS System will keep all of your business information in one place, thus making life easier.

Keep your purchasing straight, Keep customers happy

When you have your own cigar shop, customers may have a few of their favorite cigars. You do not want to run out of their favorite cigars and disappoint them at their next shopping visit. Cigar Shop Point of Sale Systems will keep track of your inventory for you. The system can track of cigar cartons all of the way down to each cigar pack. This will save you a measurable amount of time. The system will help order your cigars and other supplies you need. Not only will this save you time and save you from running out of supplies but it will also save you money. Hire less people to run your Cigar Shop since you’re business is organized and running smoothly.

Most people use credit cards these days. With our Cigar Shop POS System you can swiftly use a customer’s credit card in a snap. The Merchant Service is built right inside the Cigar Shop point of sale system, so you don’t need to swipe the card in a terminal, then transfer info over to the POS and have multiple receipt papers.

Reward customers for regular business

For your loyal customers you may want to offer some type of reward. This will ensure that your customers keep coming back to you to buy their cigars. You may want to offer a free cigar once the customer buys fifteen cigars from your shop. Another reward you may want to offer loyal customers is a percentage off of their bill. The Cigar Shop Point of Sale System can help keep track of this for you.

You will love the feature of being able to create your own individual cigar barcodes. If you need help with barcode creation, our friendly technicians will be glad to help. The Cigar Shop Point of Sale System will help you keep your cigar shop up to the requirements that one must have to be in this business.

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