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Clothing Store Point of Sale

When you run your own clothing store, it’s important to get to know your customers so you can market to them better when new items come in that you think they will be interested in trying. Going with our Clothing Store Point of Sale will open your eyes to customer trends, what is selling, what is not, and when to order more inventory.

Quality you can Trust

Whether your clothing store appeals to teenagers with birthday money burning a hole in their pockets or sophisticated men and women of business or anyone in between, it’s a good idea to use a clothing store point of sale system to help you remain agile and stay ahead of your competitors. QB Services has set up hundreds of different clothing stores around the country with a Point of Sale to suit their needs and keep their sales machine running.

Be on top of your Inventory

Who likes it when they go to a store only to find that the inventory is low and there is nothing of interest to buy? With our clothing and apparel software, you’ll never be surprised again by dwindling inventory. Use our clothing point of sale software to keep track of all your inventory, including those days when you have the entire team stay after hours so they can do a full store inventory using handheld mobile devices.

With the QB Services’ Clothing Store POS, you can even keep track of vital information such as details of seasonal purchasing habits, to help you make better projections on what items to offer.

Know your Customer

By entering your customer data into the system, you can quickly get an idea of which customers are responsible for the majority of your sales. Use this data as you devise marketing campaigns to reach out to the customers who haven’t been buying much lately. Rewards programs will also super-charge your customer’s desire to keep returning to your store.

Know your Employee

The Clothing Store Point of Sale system is also useful for providing you with in-depth reports on your sales and stock. Not only do you use it to process sales, you can use the software to manage your employee time and attendance. This information can automatically flow over into your payroll, freeing up your administrative time to focus on your products and customers.

For more information about how QB Services and the Clothing Store Point of Sale can help your thriving clothing store gain even more momentum and increase sales, please feel free to contact us today.

You can reach us at (952) 232-6388 (9:00-6:30 M-F CST) or drop a question on your left!

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