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Point of Sale Computers
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Cash Drawers
Barcode Scanners
Inventory Hardware

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Point of Sale Software
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Credit Card Processing
Rate Quote for CC Processing
Personal and Team Training
Certified Support and Maintenance Plans
eCommerce Integrations

Ice Cream Shop CashierRunning a profitable Ice Cream / Gelato Store requires quickly serving customers and maintaining a high order accuracy. Also, as much as you may trust your employees, there is no way to keep track of actual sales and inventory without an Ice Cream Shop POS System. Advancements and popularity have brought down prices on Ice Cream Point of Sale Systems in recent years enabling more businesses to take advantage of the increased efficiency a computer based Ice Cream Point of Sale System can add.

With an Ice Cream Shop PSs System from QB Services, promotions are simplified with robust software features that can generate and print coupons and discounts right from the Gelato Point of Sale System! Inventory tracking features make it possible to track ice cream inventories, enabling you to order the correct supplies without buying an excess.

Example: In our Gelato POS Software, you can specify the amount of ice cream that is served with each flavor’s Small, Medium or Large sizes. Each time ice cream is sold, the amount of ice cream sold is deducted from the inventory stock!

Ice Cream Shop Point of Sale Features:

  • Reduce Employee Theft!
  • Track Employee time and attendance
  • Simplified Inventory Tracking
  • Automatic Purchase Orders
  • Inventory purchasing simplification
  • Quickly process credit cards
  • Dozens of embedded reports including:
    • Top Sellers – by day, week, month
    • Detailed Department Sales
    • Sales History
    • Employee Hours and Wages

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