Bars and Clubs – Point of Sale


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Bar and nightclub customers get the rapid service they want while you get the inventory and cash accountability you need.



Features include server screens with easy access to split checks, merge checks, transfer tables, print multiple checks at once, send / stay for firing items, auto fire holds (helps prevent forgotten orders), and more.


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Save Credit Cards for Tabs

Preauths tend to upset customers, as it holds funds in their account. Simply start a tab with a credit card (which adds the guest’s name) and either choose to close the tab with that credit card or switch to another form of payment later.

Add Drinks to Existing Tabs

Customers typically say the tab name after ordering drinks; the bartender can simply start ringing drinks then press “add to existing tab”

Cash out on the Order Screen

Ring. Swipe. Done. Quick Bar allows the bartender to ring in items and tender the check to cash or credit right from the same screen

Happy Hours + 1 Step Further

Every menu item can have up to 5 automatic happy hours or “timed events”. Each timed event can also use different prices for modifiers

Feature Walkthrough

You can control your bar without compromising speed. A restaurant terminal can be set in “Quick Bar” mode allowing a bartender to start a check with a credit card, share tabs, repeat items, accept payment on the order screen, and more.



Integrated with the Leading Liquor Control System

MicroSale integrates with BERG to form a seamless system that helps businesses eliminate “over pours” and “giveaways”, keeps drinks consistent, and minimizes liquor profit losses.
The integrated system enables restaurants to fully track all liquor while maintaining speed. With drinks automatically ringing on the POS, bartenders no longer have to worry about forgetting to ring in drinks during a busy rush.