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5 Hours QuickBooks POS Training

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QuickBooks POS Training at its best!

As a member of the Intuit Speakers Bureau, QB Services, LLC has had the honor of training professionals who work in a variety of vocations.

Our goal is to save companies money by training them in their current software, cutting out the software they don’t need, and maximizing their efficiency.
“Most companies don’t need more software … they only need to learn what power exists in their current software.”

~Jay Thompson

Product Description

Hands-on Training using your own POS Data!

  • Gain 5 hours on account to be used when you need it. We will schedule 1-2 hour sessions at times that are convenient to you.
  • Unlock efficiency by learning about the systems, workflows, and utilities you are unfamiliar with in QuickBooks POS.
  • One on one sessions, or gather your team. Through the magic of today’s technology a certified veteran expert will jump on your QuickBooks Point of Sale System and guide you through your questions and concerns, while throwing in bits of information and trivial knowledge that puts the software’s flow into perspective.
  • Cover Topics Concerning You and Your Team! Don’t sit through the basics that you already know.
  • It is our job to help others be informed about Best Practices and Efficient Workflows!

Professional Credentials

  • Intuit Certified ProAdvisor
  • Sleeter Certified
  • Educator / Trainer
  • Intuit Speakers Bureau
  • Computer Consultant
  • Value Added Reseller

Now you will be able to supercharge your sales using QuickBooks Point of Sale fast and efficient!


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