Fujitsu ScanSnap 1300i
Fujitsu ScanSnap 1300iFujitsu ScanSnap 1300iFujitsu ScanSnap 1300i

Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i Check/Receipt Sheetfed Scanner


With a portable design, this Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i document scanner lets you easily digitize receipts and bank statements at home or capture critical business documents in up to 600 x 600 dpi optical resolution to meet your on-the-go scanning needs.
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Product Description

Performance in a compact size!

At nearly half the size of a sheet of paper, the PC and Mac compatible ScanSnap S1300i is the smallest multi-page double-sided ScanSnap scanner for one-button ease of use at the desk or on the road. Stack up to 10 pages into the automatic document feeder (ADF) and press the blue button.

1300i Stopwatch

Faster two-sided, multi-page scanning

ScanSnap S1300i scans both sides of a page at up to 12 pages per minute directly to PDF, searchable PDF, JPEG, or to office applications like Word or Excel®. The ScanSnap S1300i automatically recognizes the size of each document, detects and corrects for skew, and shows images in their proper orientation. You can even choose to have blank pages automatically removed.

Operates on USB Bus Power for Extra Portability

ScanSnap S1300i comes with an AC Adapter and for added mobile convenience, the ScanSnap S1300i can be powered though the computer’s USB ports*.

*When using the USB bus power cable, the computer must have two USB ports; one for power feeding and the other for USB cable connection.

poower when you don’t have a plug


More Scanning Options = More Quick Menu Productivity

The Quick Menu allows you to quickly transition between different scanning intentions. Just press the scan button and choose what you want ScanSnap to do:


ScanSnap Quick Menu for PC

ScanSnap Quick Menu for PC


ScanSnap Quick Menu for Mac

ScanSnap Quick Menu for Mac


  • Scan to Folder: Store PDF scans to a folder
  • Scan to Email: Eliminate faxing and share electronic documents over email
  • Scan Business Card: Scan business cards and automatically extract contact information
  • Scan to Print: Use ScanSnap with your printer to create copies
  • Scan to Word (.doc): Scan directly to an editable Word file
  • Scan to Excel (.xls): Scan directly to an editable Excel file
  • Scan to PowerPoint (.ppt): Scan directly to an editable PowerPoint file
  • Scan to Picture Folder: Store JPEG scans to a folder.
  • Scan to Mobile: link to an iPad or iPhone
  • Scan to Cloud: Scan to Evernote®, Google®Docs™, Salesforce CRM, Salesforce Chatter, SugarSync, Dropbox and SharePoint Online (for Windows®).

* Rack2-Filer is provided as a 30-day trial only with this product. For full license version, see S1100 Deluxe Bundle (Part: PA03610-B015). Scan to PowerPoint and Rack2-Filer are for use on PC (Windows) only. Evernote (Win/Mac) must be installed on the computer. A Google account (a free service) is required to use Google Docs.


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