QuickBooks Point of Sale Lite


New economy setup for smaller shops!

  • Customize your solution with just the features you need or upgrade to the full version as your
    business grows
  • Impress customers with the sleek iPad interface and save space
  • Cloud: Your products and reports Anytime, Anywhere
  • Always On: Take card payments during Internet outages
  • Seamless credit card processing with QuickBooks Payments (required)


  • Your Choice of iPad below
  • iPad Stand
  • EMV ready PIN Pad
  • Receipt Printer
  • 13×13 Cash Drawer
  • Network Components, Router, Access Point, Ethernet




Robust Reporting

Detailed Sales Reports, Inventory Levels, and Employee Scheduling. Our easy-to-read analytics break down everything from hourly sales to comprehensive order histories


No Back Office Server

Cloud-based and secure, Revel POS provides you freedom from the back office server. Manage your business on vacation, from home, or anywhere you choose.


Always On

The speed of a local connection paired with the power of the cloud. Revel POS switches seamlessly from the cloud to offline functionality like no other system can.

QuickBooks Point of Sale powered by Revel

Making it easier for Businesses to manage their operations:

  • Intuitive iPad Interface: lets users focus on what matters most – the customer. Gone are the days of spending hours training new employees and hidden customer management tools.
  • Seamless Integration with QuickBooks Online: sales and payments data will automatically be entered and categorized in QuickBooks Online, eliminating the time-intensive work of manually reconciling the books after hours. The integration will be available for new and existing QuickBooks Online customers alike.
  • Anytime, Anywhere Access: Revel’s industry-leading point of sale solution allows retailers maximum flexibility to track sales, inventory, staffing and payroll remotely.
  • Always On Mode: retailers can be confident they will never miss a sale thanks to the “Always On Mode,” which leverages Revel’s industry-leading technology so that they can continue to accept and sync payments to sales and inventory reports even if their internet connection is slow or completely down.
  • Advanced Inventory and Reporting: provides retailers with real insights into their inventory and payments data, including detailed sales numbers, product sales reporting, item discount tracking and comprehensive history of all orders.

In addition to accessing the QuickBooks POS Lite System in store, business owners can access an online dashboard from anywhere using any device
that supports a web browser (i.e. laptop). Access subject to Internet Provider availability.

QuickBooks POS Lite, powered by Revel systems is setup to run on WiFi. In the event that WiFi is down, the POS system will keep running by
switching to a Local Area Connection. If all internet connectivity is lost, the POS can continue to take credit card payments in Always On Mode.
Businesses can control and set risk thresholds for taking payments offline by: 1) Setting a single offline payment maximum, and/or 2) Setting
maximum total amount of all unprocessed offline payments. Please note that credit cards taken in Always On Mode may not be fully authorized
until Internet connectivity is reestablished. Intuit is not liable for any failed or declined transactions made while in Always On Mode.

QuickBooks Payments accounts are subject to credit and application approval. See the Merchant Agreement for complete terms and
conditions, including additional pricing information. To apply, you must be eligible under our Acceptable Use Policy. Terms, conditions, prices,
payment, features and services are subject to change.

* QuickBooks Payments pricing: Swiped rate 2.3%+$0.25 (Retail); 2.5%+$0.10(Quick-Service
Restaurant); Payment monthly fee $19.95


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