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QuickBooks POS Inventory Scanner

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DISCONTINUED – Please use Cipherlabs Replacement

  • Scan inventory anywhere — it’s wireless and lightweight!
  • Scan bar codes in batches quickly — 2 MB RAM accomodates large inventories
  • Return to cradle to automatically update your POS inventory records
  • Rechargeable battery provides over 100 hours of scanning on one charge
  • USB interface
  • This product is intended for QuickBooks Point of Sale (not QuickBooks Accounting)

PDF Manual Full Specifications (PDF)

Take the Metrologic SP5500 OptimusS anywhere your data collection needs take you! This stylish batch portable data terminal (PDT) combines powerful features with easy-to-use software to get up and running in no time. Don’t screw up your QuickBooks POS inventory by continuing by hand! The SP5500 OptimusS enables users to quickly scan and store their product information. After data collection is done, simply drop the unit into its cradle and send the data back to the host to keep information up-to-date and accurate. Each SP5500 OptimusS comes with the Optimizer software package to facilitate application development. This graphically-oriented program allows even computer beginners to quickly and easily setup the applications they wish to run on their PDT. There are also several simple utilities for uploading and downloading of data. The entire software suite is designed to make PDT application development a painless process.

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