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Receipt Printer Paper

QuickBooks POS Receipt Paper

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50 Roll Carton!

Nashua Brand Direct Thermal Paper

Brand New pack of Direct Thermal Receipt Paper guaranteed to print your receipts with no fault! Thermal receipt paper requires no ink! You will be amazed how easy thermal paper is to use. Handy & affordable! This long lasting 50-pack is designed to work perfectly with the Star TSP143, Star TSP613, and most any other 3.25 inch thermal printer. Stop wasting money on ink and go thermal! (3.13 in. X 220 ft.)

SKU: T318230i

Product Description

50 Rolls of 3.13-inch (80mm) (3 1/8″) Thermal Receipt Paper works great for the following receipt printers:
Star Micronics: TSP100, TSP143, TSP743, TSP600, TSP651, TSP800, TSP847, FVP-10
Epson Printers: TM-H500ll, TM-H600ll, TMT88, TMT90
Hypercom Credit Card Machines: ICE5500, 6500, T7TP, T77T
Axiohm Printers: A794, A793, A758, A756
Citizen Business Machines (CBM) Printers: CBM1000, CBM230, CBM231, CT-S300, IDP3210, LT380


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