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Quality Bike Products – QuickBooks Point of Sales Interface is now available!!!  QB Services, LLC has teamed up with Quality Bike Products to create a program that interfaces with QuickBooks POS to make ordering and order entry much easier.

This program has been created for sale to those companies who are clients of Quality Bike Products ONLY. Do not purchase this software if you do not do business with Quality Bike Products.

Main Screen

If you would like to use this product for other vendors, please call QB Services, LLC at  (952) 820-4464 and we can add their products to this program on a separate tab. This interface loads information from the QBP server that provides you a quick view of what their stock status is. Once you fill in the quantities of the items you are wanting to order from this screen (enter “0” if you only want the item added to the item list in the POS but you do not intend to order it), you simply click, “Place Order in POS”. This action will enter the order as a purchase order in the QuickBooks Point of Sales (Pro 8.0 or Pro 9.0; Multi-Store 8.0 or Multi-Store 9.0).

Order Confirmation

It will also enter any items that are of zero quantity along with those that have been ordered into your QuickBooks Point of Sales item list. Once the order confirmation screen appears, you will check your order to make sure it is what you want, then, simply click on, “Confirm Order and submit to QBP”. The cost of this product will be $400. Would you like it for free? Here is what you can do:

  1. Sign up for a Intuit (QuickBooks POSmerchant account through QB Services and receive a $100.00 discount.
  2. On your letterhead print, sign and send this document to QB Services, LLC. and receive a $100.00 discount.
  3. Purchase any QuickBooks Point of Sales Pro or Multistore software through QB Services and receive a $200.00 discount.

Do all three of these items and you will not be paying anything for the QBP-QB POS Interface software. To get the respective discounts, you need to complete each one before you purchase the QBP-QB POS interface software. For additional information, please call us at  (952) 820-4464 or you can use our Skype address at jay.qbs

This program will only work with QuickBooks POS Versions 8 & 9.

Please note that the trial version will only import 3 items at a time, does not contain cost/pricing data and is limited to 15 days.

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One thought on “QBP-QB POS Interface Now Available!

  • Peter Clancy

    We use QBP for most of our Biyccle inventory/parts. Interested in what your service offers above and beyond a downloadable template for products and what ongoing expenses may be as parts and additional items are offered VIA QBP.

    Thanks for the time