QuickBooks 2014 Feature: Fit to Height

Fit to Height

We’ve had a Fit report to x pages wide option report printing for some time now in QuickBooks. It is useful if you have a report that is wider than one page – it will shrink the report to fit on one page horizontally. Let me give you an example of how that works.

Here’s a Profit & Loss Detail report – it spreads across multiple pages sideways. A bit hard to work with.

In the print dialog you can check the fit report to x pages wide box, and QuickBooks will shrink that to fit the page width. This is very convenient.

In QuickBooks 2014 we now have an additional option, Fit report to x pages high.

For example, here is a report that is two pages long (and one wide).

In the print reports window you can see that there is a new option, Fit report to. Note that in this case I also changed the report orientation – you will have to play with the options to get a report that is readable.

You can see that QuickBooks shrinks the report vertically to fit on one page instead of two.

This will work better for some reports than others. When you shrink vertically the report also shrinks horizontally a bit, which can make it too small to read. That is why (in this case) I also changed the report orientation.

This may seem small, but quite a few people have been asking for this.

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