QuickBooks 2014 Features: Customize Checks, Bills and Credit Card Charges

Customize Checks, Bills and Credit Card Charges

Here’s an interesting change that is available only in Enterprise – the ability to do a small degree of customization to the on-screen transaction form for checks, bills and credit card charges. It is a nice addition for some situations (mainly job costing).

These three transaction forms have, until now, been impossible to “customize”. You couldn’t alter the appearance of the printed form or the form on screen. Now (in Enterprise only) we have the ability to add (and delete) columns in the detail section of the form on screen. This has no effect on the printed form (such as a printed check).

Here’s a standard check, looking at the Items tab. If you right-click on the form you get a popup menu – there is a new option at the bottom, Customize Columns.

Selecting that new option, you get a typical QuickBooks customization dialog. On the left, the new fields will be any custom fields you have defined in the item list, as well as the sales rep field. You can add these as new columns, and you can remove SOME of the columns from the right.

Here’s the result – I dropped the description field to make room, and I added sales rep and the “Approval” custom field. If there is a value in that custom field in the item record, that value fills in automatically (just as it would if you have a custom field in an invoice). Also, if I select a Customer:Job for the detail line, then the Sales Rep field will be filled in with the default sales rep for that customer, or job (this is VERY USEFUL in job costing situations).

These new fields won’t show on the printed check, but I am happy to note that these values DO show in several of the check reports, if you customize the report to add the columns. For example, here is a check detail report that I customized to add the two new columns, and the values from the custom fields DO appear.

In checks, you can define different columns for the expenses and the item tab. The customizations only apply to regular checks, they do not affect paychecks, sales tax payment checks, or bill payment checks (none of which you can customize).

The same features I’ve shown here with checks apply to credit card charges and bills.

It looks like they have covered the basics here, I can’t see any problem. The big advantage is when you are doing job costing as this is the only way that you can associate a Sales Rep with an expense, so that you can filter by Sales Rep.

Some people will be disappointed that they can’t have the customizations apply to the printed form (as in, the check stub), but that is a different issue than what is being covered here. Note that I can’t tell if these changes will be available to any add-on programs at this time – I hope that they will, but I’m not holding my breath on that.

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